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What is Christian Forum?
A Christian Forum is a community for Christians to come together and meet other like-minded Christians from around the world. The Christian Forums can help individuals learn more about Jesus and provide information on how to become a Christian too. Here you can learn about the Christian Faith, discuss about the Bible, and share your thoughts about culture and spirituality. The Christian Forums will help you get a better understanding about Chirstianity and the world, the teachings of Jesus, the Word of God, and how to deepen you Faith.

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Here are 20 Best Christian Forums you should follow in 2023

1. Christian Forums

Christian Forums Christian forums are an online community for Christians worldwide to find fellowship with other Christians. Discuss Christian ethics & morality, creat...ion & theistic evolution, or feel free to talk about everything in your mind, be a part of prayers, and encourage others on their spiritual journey.more
Threads 6M Posts 65M Members 272K 1.1K 756 30 posts / day
Subforums Support Center, Prayer and Encouragement (Christians only), Daily Devotionals, Memorials & Grief Support, Persecuted Christians show more View Recent Threads

2. Talk Jesus

Talk Jesus Talk Jesus is a place for you to connect with fellow believers. Here you can discuss Bible, talk about devotion & morality, ask questions about Christ...ianity, request prayer, and share your stories.more
Threads 74K Posts 429K Members 13K 3.7K 25 12 posts / day
Subforums Questions about Christianity, Bible Discussions, Bible Answers, Devotionals, Ethics and Morality show more View Recent Threads

3. Christian Chat

Christian Chat Christian Chat is a moderated online Christian community allowing Christians worldwide to come together and participate in a Bible-based discussion. H...ere members can ask or answer Bible-related questions, post their opinions, request a prayer, share their favorite Christian music, and videos, and more.more
Threads 202K Posts 5M Members 51K 1 14 posts / day View Recent Threads

4. Christianity Board

Christianity Board Christianity Board is providing a platform for Christians to discuss their spiritual journey, theology, ethics, morals, or beliefs with other Christ b...elievers. Post your Christian devotions, talk about your demon's fear, and much more.more
Threads 54K Posts 2M Members 21K 28 posts / day
Subforums General Discussion, Creative Writing, Christian Entertainment Forum, Christian Forum Games, IT Christian Forum show more View Recent Threads

5. Christian Forum Site

Christian Forum Site Connect with countless Christians from all around the world on Christian Forum Site and discuss Biblical topics, share your faith, and have friendly t...alks regarding favorite places, books, music, and more. This community is empowering Christians to reach the lost for Jesus.more
Threads 59K Posts 533K Members 12K 632 80 13 posts / day
Subforums Teachers Lounge, Reaching Out, Special Events, Doctrinal Discussions, Events show more View Recent Threads

6. Christianforums

Christianforums The Christian Forum is offering an online community where Christians can come together in fellowship to encourage and build up faith in Christ Jesus. ...Come across discussions on Biblical growth, study, & theology, ask honest questions about faith, or have any casual Christian conversations here.more
Threads 76K Posts 2M Members 10K 10 posts / day View Recent Threads

7. Worthy Christian Forums

Worthy Christian Forums Read Christian news, talk about Bible studies & Christian culture, understand theology, discuss science & faith, share Christian music & videos, and e...verything else related to Christianity at Worthy Christian Forums. It is a non-denominational Christian community connecting Christians worldwide.more
Threads 198K Posts 2M Members 47K 27 posts / day
Subforums Bible Study, Theology, Understanding Hebrew Roots, Gifts of the Spirit, Spiritual Warfare show more View Recent Threads

8. Christian Faith and Fellowship Forum

Christian Faith and Fellowship Forum Christian Faith and Fellowship Forum is providing Christians a space to come together and exchange perspectives & knowledge. Explore to find guidance,... seek advice, and carry out discussions on topics of ethics, beliefs, humanity, and more with fellow Christians.more
Threads 6K Posts 56K Members 411 15 posts / day View Recent Threads

9. Friends Of Jesus Forum

Friends Of Jesus Forum England, Somerset. UK
Friends Of Jesus Forum is giving a safe friendly community to all who want to learn more about God's word or want to grow deeper faith in Him. to discuss and share information related to Christianity which includes facts, stories, poems, the bible, verses, hymns, and more.more
Threads 12K Posts 22K Members 99 1.2K 3 posts / day View Recent Threads

10. Christianity Haven

Christianity Haven Talk about various Books of the Bible, post prayer requests & devotions, ask about Christianity or Theology, or chat anything concerning Christianity.... Christianity Haven is a long-standing Christian forum that offers Christian discussions, Pastor's advice as well as other discussion areas for everyone to enjoy.more
Threads 14K Posts 244K Members 835 1 2 posts / day View Recent Threads

11. Saved By Grace Forum

Saved By Grace Forum Visit Saved By Grace, a general Christian discussion forum for Christians and believers. Discuss here Bible versions, share your favorite Christian so...ngs, talk about theological matters, read media reviews, and more.more
Threads 598 Posts 5K Members 335 1 post / week View Recent Threads

12. Christian Talk Zone

Christian Talk Zone At the Christian Talk Zone forum, we strive to be a place where there can be honest discussion, debate, and fellowship. Come and talk about your favor...ite topics that focus on Christianity, share answers, and help each other.more
Threads 1K Posts 9K Members 993 2 posts / week
Subforums Bible, Bible History and Versions, King James Version, God, Salvation show more View Recent Threads

13. Rapture Forums » Christian Chat

Rapture Forums » Christian Chat The Christian Chat section of Rapture Forums is a place for general discussion, suggestions, guidance, and everything on Christianity. Discuss if Bibl...e is true, or why you believe in God, talk about your fears, and much more. The Rapture Forum is your complete Rapture and Bible Prophecy resource for the end times.more
Threads 5K Posts 61K Members 12K 12.9K 6.2K 1 post / day View Recent Threads

14. Reddit » True Christian

Reddit » True Christian San Francisco, California, US
This subreddit is providing a haven for all Jesus Christ's followers to discuss God, Jesus & Bible. Talk about your fear & beliefs, ask questions ...about Christianity as explained in the scriptures, share your thoughts on Christianity, and encourage each other.more
Members 90K 1.7M 1.2M 30 posts / day View Recent Threads

15. Grace Centered Forum

Grace Centered Forum Grace Centered is an online forum bringing Christians together for spiritual growth, education, fellowship, and fun. Connect and discuss theology, the... Bible, doctrine, or opinions, talk about Christian politics, share prayer requests, or discuss anything Christian interests.more
1.9K 29 posts / day View Recent Threads

16. Orthodox Christianity Forums

Orthodox Christianity Forums Orthodox Christianity Forums is the world's largest acknowledged Christian message board and a place to discuss Christian news, reviews, technical... help, convert issues, liturgy, faith issues and more.more
10 posts / week View Recent Threads

Additional Forums

  1. City-Data Forum » Christianity Forum Discuss everything about Christian Religion at City Data. Post stories of hope & inspiration, talk about Bible studies, learn to detect false doctrine, and more. The City Data Forum has a collection of conversations related to religion and spirituality.
  2. Debating Christianity Forum A dedicated forum for civil and engaging debate on Christianity and religious issues. Discuss here creationism, evolution, and other related topics, argue for and against Christianity, and explore the details of theology, doctrine, and much more.
  3. The Christian BBS Christian message boards are online communities where people share their faith and discuss topics related to Christianity. Talk about political issues facing Christians today, share Christian quotes, post your favorite devotions here and share encouragement with others.
  4. Byzantine Forum The Byzantine Forum provides message boards for discussions focusing on Eastern Christianity. Share thoughts and theology with fellow believers, be a part of prayers, recommend books, talk about history, developments, details, and more.

Christian Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
Christian Forums Support Center
Prayer and Encouragement (Christians only)
Daily Devotionals
Memorials & Grief Support A forum to share memorials and receive support with grieving. Grief Forums
Persecuted Christians A forum to discuss the persecution of Christiansso that we may uphold them in prayer.
Praise Reports
Prayer Wall Daily prayers, requests, and intercession.Open for all members' prayer requests.
Prayer Wall Discussion and Inspiration A subforum for members to to discuss Prayer Wall related content and for members to form prayer partnerships with other members. A place to share prayer...
Proverbs - A Chapter a Day
Theology (Christians only)
Christian History
Biblical Archaeology Archaeology Forums
Historical Jesus
Patristics Patristics is the study of early Christian writers,known as the Church Fathers.
Christian Scriptures
Bibliology & Hermeneutics The study of the Bible and Scriptures,and its interpretation and translation.
Exposition & Bible Study
Bible Verses
Denomination Specific Theology
General Theology Topics that do not fit in any other forum, eg. Angelology
Covenant Theology
Controversial Christian Theology Discussion and debate about unorthodox Christian theology
Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum The Endtimes & Prophecy Forum.No full preterist views.Partial preterists welcomed.
Hamartiology Doctrine of sin, the origin of sinand how sin entered into the world.
Mariology & Hagiography Mary, the Mother of Jesus and theology involving Saints.
Paterology, Christology & Pneumatology Doctrine & nature of God the Father, Christ the Son & the Holy Spirit.
Sabbath and The Law
Sacramental/Ordinance Theology
Salvation (Soteriology)
Soteriology DEBATE Debate the theological doctrine of salvation.
Traditional Theology Welcome to the Traditional Theology Area of CFPlease click on and read the Statement of Purpose for this area before you post here.Traditional, historic...
Children and Youth Ministry
Full and Part Time Ministry
Missions, Evangelism & Witnessing
Social Justice Ministries
Worship Ministry
Requests for Christian Advice A forum to request Biblical advice from Christians.
My Two Cents Worth A forum for Christian members to share advice with other Christian members
Christian Clubs
Christian Preppers A forum to inform and encourage Christians to consider prepping.
For New Christians Ask questions and be encouraged by other Christians.
Praise and Worship Music A forum for Christian praise and worship music threads only.
Deeper Fellowship
Discipleship: Following Jesus
Spiritual Formation & Disciplines
Spiritual Gifts Forum to discuss the Spiritual gifts
Sign Gifts
Christian Philosophy & Ethics
Congregation-specific Ethics
Creation & Theistic Evolution Creation Science (Young/Old) and Theistic Evolution
Creationism Young-earth and other creationist members.
Theistic Evolution
Current News & Events (Articles Required)
General Politics
The Junk Drawer A forum to post topics that don't quite fit in other Discussion & Debate forums.
Anabaptists Anabaptists, Mennonites, Quakers.
Calvary Chapel Fellowship
Confessional, Covenantal, Creedal - Presbyterian
Cyber Corps - Salvation Army
One Bread, One Body - Catholic
OBOB General Politics Forum This Forum is a place for respectful discussion and debate of political issues, by Roman Catholics, in the context of the Roman Catholic Faith.
The Chapel - Catholic
Pentecostal & Assemblies of God
Scripture,Tradition,Reason-Anglican & Old Catholic
The Chapel - Anglican for Anglican members.
The Ancient Way - Eastern Orthodox Greek, Russian, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Forums
St. Athanasius Chapel and Reference Library
St. Basil the Great's Hall
St. Justin Martyr's Corner: Debate an Orthodox Chr
Theologia Crucis - Lutherans
LCMS / WELS / ELS / LCC Conservative
ELCA / ELCIC Liberal Lutheran
The Voice In The Desert - Oriental Orthodox Coptic, Syriac, Armenian
Traditional Adventists
Traditional Adventists-Discussion Zone
United Church Of Christ
Wesley's Parish - Methodist/ Nazarene
7th Day Safehouse
Bridge Builders - Moderate Christians
Conservative Christianity
Egalitarian Christians A forum for discussion and fellowship for members who believe in bibllcal equality between men and women.
Fundamentalist Christians
House Churches & Cell Groups
Looking for a Church
Messianic Judaism Messianic Jews and Gentiles
Israel Prophecy & Current Events Israelology.
No Creed But Christ - Restoration Movement
Progressive/Evangelical Adventists
Semper Reformanda Reformed, Calvinist, Presbyterian
Ask a Calvinist
Confessional Study Room Reformed studies.
Debate with a Calvinist
Reformed Resource Room
Spirit-Filled / Charismatic charismatic churches and movements.
Whosoever Will, May Come - Liberal liberal denominations.
Word of Faith
Exploring Christianity A Forum for non-Christian Seekers and new believers to ask questions about Christianity.
JCC- Jewish Community Center Jewish Forums
Ask a Jew - What's Nu? Questions about the Messiah Place where Jewish Members can ask Messianic Jews and Christian Jews about Jesus the Messiah and about their faith and lives.
Prayer Requests by Non-Christians A forum for non-Christians to request prayers from Christians.
Struggles by Non-Christians
Ethics & Morality
News & Current Events (Articles Required)
Physical & Life Sciences The Physical & Life Sciences forum is a discussion and debate area on physics, biology, chemistry and other physical sciences.
Politics Political Forums
American Politics
General Political Discussion
International Politics The forum for the discussion of non-US world politics.
College Life
Courting Couples A forum for dating, courting & engaged couples.
Engagement and Wedding Wedding Forums
GEN X (1965 to 1980)
Golden Eagles (age 50 or older as of 2019) A forum for members age 50 and above. Over 50s Forums
Married Couples Forum for Married members which is defined as a legal union between one man and one woman. Note: Separated and Widowed users can also post here.
Questions From Singles About Marriage A forum for singles to ask questions about married life.
Separation and Marriage Restoration
Families Family Forums
Parenting Special Needs Children
Parenting Teens and Young Adults
GEN Z (1999 to 2012)
Singles (Only*) A forum for those who are single and age 18 and above.
Divorced Members Support forum for our divorced members Divorce Forums
Face the board (Singles) The face the board forum for Single Christians.
Mature Singles A new subforum for singles in the later stages of their lives (mid-thirties and older).
MILLENNIALS (1981 to 1998)
Widow/Widowers Forum for those who have lost their spouse.
Young Adults A new forum for Young Adults age 18 up to mid-thirties.
Christian Teens
Serious Stuff
Arcade Peanut Gallery The forum to discuss the CF arcade games and mount challenges!
Blessings Exchange Create an avatar, do someone a favor, in exchange for blessings points! NOTE: No begging for free blessings! No exchange for other things like money!
Armor/Blessings Thanks The forum to thank anonymous members who bless you with blessings or items!
Character Dress-up Contests Sub-forum in Blessings Exchange for dress-up contests.
Book Club For bookworms and those who love reading. Start your own book club here! Book Forums
Friendship Court This is the place to relax and chat with other members about any topic! This is open to ALL members. There is also a Christians-only fellowship forum in the...
Gamers Zone Gaming Forums
Recreation Room
Bible and Book Games
Movie and TV Games
Word Games A forum for word games
Anime & Manga Anime Forums, Manga Forums
Clean/Christian Jokes Jokes Forums
Cooking and Culinary Arts Cooking Forums
Conspiracy Theories This is a forum for discussing topics that are considered to be conspiracy theories.
The Box Office Discussion of cinema and movies.
The Small Screen A forum for the discussion of television.
Fitness, Health & Nutrition Discussion of fitness, health and nutrition. Health Forums, Fitness Forums
Natural Remedies The forum to discuss natural remedies and holistic health. NOTE: This is not a substitute for medical advice! You also need to have 20 posts elsewhere...
Vegetarian, Paleo & Gluten Free Diets
Firearms Gun Forums
Gardening A place where those interested in gardening can come together share their interest with one another Gardening Forums
General Hobbies and Crafts For general discussion of hobbies and crafts.
Music Forums for the discussion of music. Music Forums
Christian Music Forum to discuss all genres of Christian music
Let's Jam!
Secular Music Discuss secular, non-Christian music
Outdoor Activities & Nature For a variety of outdoor lovers.
Pets & Animals Discussion of pets and the animal kingdom. Pet Forums
Science Fiction & Fantasy Science Fiction Forums
Sports Sports Forums
The Writers Guild Writing Forums
Creative Writing Post your written creative works. Creative Writing Forums
Poetry & Prose For posting your poetry and prose. Poetry Forums
Scripts/ Screenplays
Visual Arts Forum for all visual arts
Business, Administration & Management
History & Genealogy A forum to discuss history and genealogy topics Genealogy Forums
Military The forum for military members and their spouses. Military Forums
UK and Ireland - forum for members from the UK and Ireland to discuss regional topics.
United States Regional Forum A forum for members from the United States to discuss regional topics.
Technology Tech Forums
Webmasters & Developers For discussion - no linking or advertising. Webmaster Forums
Addictions & Substances Addiction Forums
Anxiety, Panic & Agoraphobia Support for anxiety disorders. Anxiety Forums
Autism & Aspergers Support forum for autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and caregivers. Autism Forums
Bipolar Disorder Support of those with bipolar disorder. Bipolar Forums
Caregivers Support Caregiver Forums
Depression Disorders Depression Forums
Eating Disorders Support for eating disorders. Numbers are removed. Eating Disorder Forums
General Struggles
General Mental Health This is now a READ ONLY area. Threads and posts that were once made in here should now be done in the General Struggles forum. Mental Health Forums
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Support of OCD sufferers. OCD Forums
Personality Disorders Support forum for various personality disorders.
Psychosis and Schizophrenia A recovery forum for those suffering schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder. Schizophrenia Forums
Recovery Related Spiritual Advice
Self-Injury Support Recovery support forum for self-injurers. NOTE: Every post is moderated.
Struggles with Sexuality NOTE: Only Christians are allowed to reply and offer support here.
Trauma, PTSD & Dissociation PTSD Forums
Cardiology & Blood Pressure Issues Support for sufferers of cardiology related issues.
Chronic Pain & Arthritis Support for members with migraines, fibromyalgia and more. Chronic Pain Forums
Diabetes & Endocrinology Diabetes Forums
Disability & Chronic Health Issues Support of those suffering from chronic and physical disabilities.
General Physical Health
Talk Jesus Questions about Christianity
Bible Discussions All bible studies found here.
Bible Answers Fast answers to common questions
Ethics and Morality Discussions about ethical and moral issues.
Evidence and Prophecy
Sermons & Podcasts Sound biblical preaching
Christian Counselling Be set free with the Armour of GOD
Prayer Requests Pray for others. Request a prayer.
Thanks and Praise
Testimonials Share your stories of GOD in your life
Family Matters Family Forums
Bible Library All About Art, Books & Music,
Jokes & Bible Trivia Clean jokes and bible quizzes
Stories Your stories, poetry and your journey
Health & Fitness Achieve good health and well-being. Fitness Forums
Musicians Music Forums
Christian Chat Bible Discussion Forum
Christian Family Forum Discuss family topics/issues, and give and receive encouragement here.
Christian Music Forum Share Christian music videos and Christian songs right here!
Christian s Forum Share the latest news (world news, local news, current events, etc.) with your Christian friends right here, and give or get a Christian perspective on it.
Christian Poems & Poetry Inspired poet? Share your inspirations here! 🙂
Christian Singles Forum Christian and single? Seek (or give) advice and encouragement here.
Christian Teens Forum
Christian Young Adults Forum
Conspiracy & Corruption Discussion Forum Forum for Christian discernment of government/political/corporate/academic conspiracy, agendas, corruption, greed, etc., and the very real spiritual...
Arab Christian Forum
Filipino Christian Forum From the Philippines, or interested in the Philippines, and born again (or want to be)? Join our Filipino Christian fellowship!
Indian Christian Forum From India, or interested in India, and want to talk about Jesus? Join our Indian Christian fellowship!
Heavenly Recipes Got a heavenly recipe - or just a healthy one - that you'd like to share? Post it here! Recipe Forums
Natural Health Forum Share natural health remedies, nutritional healing and prevention advice, resources, etc., with other Christians who want to be healthy and who don't like... Health Forums
Prayer Requests
Christianity Board General Discussion
Creative Writing Creative Writing Forums
Christian Entertainment Forum Forum for discussion about all forms of Christian entertainment.
Christian Forum Games Play clean and fun Christian forum games in here!
IT Christian Forum
Christian Spirituality Forum Spiritual Forums
Christian Devotions and Inspiration
Praise Forum
Prayer Forum
Praise Reports
Testimonial Forum
Bible Study Forum
Christian Debate Forum
Current Events Forum
Home Life Forum
Addiction & Recovery Forum
Christian Finance Forum Finance Forums
Christian Health Forum Health Forums
Christianity & Science Forum
The Church Forum
Christian Theology Forum Theology Forums
Eschatology & Prophecy Forum
Ethics & Morality Forum
Unorthodox Doctrine Forum
Christian Apologetics Forum
Christian Newbies
Inter-Faith Discussion
NonChristian Help Forum
Christian Forum Site Teachers Lounge Congregational motivation & participation, VBS, projects, activities, youth involvement, Bible study & curriculum.
Reaching Out Community involvement, outreach, stories & ideas. Share your stories on what has or has not worked, and new ideas to try.
Doctrinal Discussions This forum is reserved for discussion of doctrinal issues. Please refer to the sticky thread posted at the top of the form for the rules. These will be...
Events Church, music, gospel, current events of interest.
Tributes A posting area to honor those who help others, and to remember CFS members who have passed on.
Fellowship Time A place to encourage and be encouraged.
Praise Reports / Testimonials True Stories of the power of Jesus Christ in everyday lives.
Thoughts for Today
Bible Study Online interactive Bible study forum for Christians. Whether you are a beginner or a teacher, join in share the God's Word with each other.
Evangelism Proclaiming and sharing the Gospel. Reflecting Christ in everything.
Holy Spirit Baptism and Living Baptist Forums
College and Youth Youth related issues.
Marriage, Family, Relationships and Parenting Topics on parenting, relationships and family.
Home and Garden Discuss about home repair and improvement, gardening, hobbies and crafts. Gardening Forums
Recipes and Cooking Discussion area for all your kitchen secrets Recipe Forums
Favorite Places to Travel Share your favorite travel locations and special places to visit. Travel Forums
News and Articles
Books, Music and Television Book discussions, topics on Christian music, television and movies.
Christian Videos Christian Video music, sermons, devotionals etc.
Literature and Poetry Read or share inspiring literature and poems. Literature Forums
Technology and Internet Christian Webmasters, Internet, Computers, Tablets, Mobile phones, Website designing, Hosting and optimization. Tech Forums
Humor Jokes and Humor.
Churches and Ministries Sub-forums for Churches or Ministries worldwide.
Orthodox Christianity Reviews Discussion of Orthodox books, music, periodicals and articles.
Book Club A place to discuss this month's book of the month. Book Forums
Technical Help Discussion and help for any computer related questions, problems, or inquiries.
Prayer Forum Place prayer requests here. Prayer Forums
Convert Issues Discussion of issues revolving around conversion to the Orthodox Christian faith.
Faith Issues
Religious Topics Religion Forums
Non-Religious Topics Hot/controversial/debate-intended topics not dealing with religion.
Liturgy Discussion of the services of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Oriental Orthodox Church, and for comparative purposes, the Roman Catholic liturgies.
Western Rite Discussion Discussion of Orthodox Christian worship based on the ancient pre-schism Orthodox church of the west.
Ministry Forum This board is dedicated to discussion and thoughts on how to begin, sustain, improve, and re-make active ministries of the Church.
Oriental Orthodox Discussion
Orthodox Family Forum Discussion of items related to Orthodox parenting.
Orthodox-Other Christian Discussion Discussions related to Orthodoxy in comparison and contrast to other Christian faiths.
Orthodox-Catholic Discussion Discussion of issues which unite and divide the Orthodox Church and the Roman/Eastern Catholic churches (in Communion with Rome). Catholic Forums
Orthodox-Protestant Discussion Discussion of topics related to Orthodoxy and Protestant denominations.
Foreign Languages Forum For discussion in foreign languages that do not already have their own dedicated forum.
Slavic Languages
Greek Ancient, Scriptural, Modern...ό, τι θέλετε!
Limba Romana
Practice English
Worthy Christian Forums Bible Study
Theology Theology Forums
Understanding Hebrew Roots Discussions pertaining to the roots of our faith
Gifts of the Spirit
Spiritual Warfare
Defense of the Gospel
Science and Faith
The Universal Moral Law
The Substance of Man: Body, Spirit, Soul
Eschatology Discussion on varying end time positions.
Do you want to just ask a question?
Have a problem? Looking for advice?
Christian Culture
Biblical Archaeology
Christian Art
Christian History
Biblical Topics All videos are will be reviewed before being published on WCF.
Christian Music
Worthy Briefs
Finance Discussions of finance, stock market, and other financial matters. Finance Forums
World News
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
U.S. News
U.S. Politics Political Forums
Christian News
Worthy Watch / Worthy Insights Live-blogging events, posting interesting Op-Eds and tidbits, that are relevant — but not necessarily something we can publish on Worthy News.
Worthy Devotions our Bible based daily devotions from Israel.
What's the latest with the Worthy Ministries?
1Faith Raise a Debate Raise a Debate Theology Forums
Hot Topics Forum - News View Hot Topics Forum - News View
Seekers & Questions - FaithQ Seekers & Questions - FaithQ
Bible buddies Bible buddies Bible Forums
Family & Home Forum Family & Home Forum Family Forums
Rapture Forums Personal Testimonies A place to discuss your personal experiences with God.
Breaking News & World Events Forum for Breaking news and events from around the world. This forum is for breaking US and World news articles about all kinds of current events. Please do...
The Rapture, Bible Prophecy, and End Times The rapture, Bible prophecy, and end times discussions are held here. Find out all about the latest issues in end times Bible prophecy.
Israel & Middle East Breaking News Breaking news and events from Israel and the Middle East. This forum is for NEWS articles ONLY concerning Israel and the Middle East.
Gog / Magog The Coming War of Gog and Magog. Ezekiel 38 through 39 tells of a future invasion of Israel by a vast coalition of nations that surround her. It's not hard...
Isaiah 17 / Psalm 83
One World Government and Economics Forum for news, articles, and commentaries regarding the EU, Revised Roman Empire, world economics, and emerging One World Government found in Daniel 7:23.
End Times Politics and the Culture Wars Forum to discuss politics and the culture wars here in the last days. This forum is for in-depth commentary and analysis articles of current events for...
Science, Technology, & Natural Disasters The influence of modern Science, Technology, and Natural Disasters revealing End Times events- Matthew 24; Romans 8:22
Bible Archaeology
Islam in Action - Persecution, Terrorism, and More Persecuted for believing in Jesus Christ with a special emphasis on how Islam persecutes and terrorizes so called "infidels".
Bible Study This forum is for the study of God's Word, in order to bring instruction, conviction, correction, and training in God’s ways so we may be equipped for every... Bible Forums
Christian Chat General Christian chat and discussion.
Bible Readings, Reflections, & Devotions
SERMONS - Preacher's Pulpit Forum for posting SERMONS only for the community to read. Please post only written sermons. NO audio or video sermons allowed unless posted by the mod team.
Apologetics Defending the Faith. Soteriology, Pneumatology, the Attributes of God, Angels, the Scriptures, etc.
Apostasy in the Local Church The emerging One World Religion and other false teachings including the Falling Away from True Bible Faith, unbiblical movements, Misguided Shepherds, Word...
Ecumenism & Roman Catholicism
Modern Cult Groups & Errant Religions A forum for organized groups such as Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Islam, Judaism, Church of God, Bahai, etc... that deny Jesus Christ alone is the...
New Member Meet & Greet
Anything Goes Coffee Shop If it wont fit anywhere else, place it here.Grab a coffee, kick back, and join in fellowship with other believers.
For the Ladies Topics and discussions relating to women's issues and situations. Please reserve posting to women only. Women Forums
For the Gentlemen Topics and discussions relating to men's issues and situations. Please reserve posting to men only. Men Forums
Christian Citizens Discussions on religious freedom, church-state separation, and the sanctity of human life issues from a conservative Christian world view.
Word Games, Polls, Music, & Poetry Express your artistic talents and creativity.
The Sporting Dugout A place to brag & cry on your favorite team and sport.
Christian Jokes and Humor Jokes Forums
Electronics, Computers & Webpage Questions Post your questions for Electronics, Cell Phones, personal computer help & webpage issues.
Rapture Forums Questions or Comments Tweaking, adding, and removing features on this board.
Christianity Heaven Matters Archive
Christian Theology Theology Forums
Bible Study Bible Forums
Denomination Discussions
World Religion & Speculative Theology
Prayer & Christian Devotion
Christian Advice Requested
Politics Political Forums
News Center
Ethics & Debate Center
Fun & Games
Food & Drink Food Forums
Art & Media
Life & Relationships
Married Couples
Health Talk Health Forums
Science & Technology Science Forums
Saved By Grace General Christian Discussion Introduce yourself, share your testimony, laugh a little, & relax here.
Christian Media Reviews Your reviews of any Christian media you have seen or heard. Books, radio, tv, documentary, film, etc.
Theological college The place to discuss theological matters. Discuss the basics of Christianity as well as those difficult issues, including expositional Bible Study. Theology Forums
In the World Today What's in the news? How does it affect Christians? Does it relate to anything the Bible has said?
Christian Music Discuss everything from hymns to contemporary Christian music. Also where issues regarding worship and worship leaders can be discussed.
Christian Parenting Child rearing the Godly way
Discernment Issues include simple discernment, cults, aberrational theology, and experiential theology.
Christian Talk Zone Bible Bible Forums
Tribulation period
Second coming
Millennial kingdom
Speak Light
Catholicism Catholic Forums
Debating Christianity Christianity and Apologetics
Theology, Doctrine, and Dogma Theology Forums
Science and Religion
Philosophy Philosophy Forums
Politics and Religion
Right and Wrong
Current Events
Religion in Entertainment
Non-Christian Religions and Philosophies
Religion and Sexuality
Spotlight on Racism
Questions About a Belief
Putting Our Heads Together
Ethical Dilemmas
Holy Huddle Room
Definitions and Explanations
Random Ramblings
Bible Study Bible Forums
Islam Islam Forums
Science And Technology Science Forums
Physical Fitness and Health Health Forums
Around The Camp Fire
The Christian BBS Bible Topics & Study Bible Forums
The One Year Bible
Exposing False Teaching
End Time Events In The News
Music - What Do You Like?
The Christian News
Christian Quotes
Political Discussion
Christian Video Clips, Movies , Church Webs TV
Byzcath Forum Church News
Eparchial & Parish Events
Prayer The Byzantine Forum - a discussion board focusing on Eastern Christianity. Prayer Forums
Faith & Theology The Byzantine Forum - a discussion board focusing on Eastern Christianity. Theology Forums
Scripture and Patristic Writings
The Christian East & West
Parish Life & Evangelization The Byzantine Forum - a discussion board focusing on Eastern Christianity.
Books Book Forums
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