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What is Dog Forum?
A Dog Forum is a community for dog owners, dog breeders, dog lovers and enthusiasts to talk about everything related to dogs and puppies. Find out how you can be the best dog owner and what is the ideal environment for a dog. Learn about your dog's behavioural traits based on its breed, information on adopting an adult dog, puppy-proofing your home, and more. The Dog Forums provide helpful information on dog health and dental issues, dog rescues, grooming services, and fun activities for you and your dog.

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Here are 25 Best Dog Forums you should follow in 2023

1. Dog Forum

Dog Forum Canada
This Dog community is dedicated to all breeds of dog owners and enthusiasts. Join the discussion about training puppies, health issues, food advice, r...eviews, service animals, and more.more
2 posts / day View Recent Threads

2. Dog Forums

Dog Forums All dog breeds and dog breeders are welcome to join the community. This place is where all dog lovers meet and discuss their pet issues, talk about th...eir behavior change, ask for dog training tips, post dog pictures, and much more.more
Posts 1M Members 97K 2 posts / day
Subforums General Dog Forum, First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions, Dog Training Forum, Dog Grooming Forum, Dog Food Forum show more View Recent Threads

3. Working Dog Forums

Working Dog Forums Working Dog Forums is a community for working dog owners and fans to come over and chat. Ask anything about dogs' diet or other health and dental ...issues, discuss their breeds, and talk about their behavior, housing, adoption & care.more
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4. Reddit » Dogs

Reddit » Dogs This subreddit is meant for asking questions, sharing information, and learning about dogs' behaviors. Connect and discuss with others who have and who are involved in various aspects of the dog hobby.more
1.7M 1.2M 30 posts / day View Recent Threads

5. Dog Forum

Dog Forum UK
Visit the most dog-friendly community online. Enjoy talking to other members and discover the best things to do with your dog, share your dog's pi...ctures & videos, discuss your dog's health & wellness, ask about dog-friendly walks & walking services, and more.more
6.6K 125 4 posts / day View Recent Threads

6. Dogz Online Forums » General Dog Discussion

Dogz Online Forums » General Dog Discussion Australia
Dogz Online is Australia's online purebred dog community containing breeder listings, puppy notices, dog pedigrees, and much more. Also, post here... if your dog is having issues with their health & nutrition and get advice.more
21.9K 1 post / day View Recent Threads

7. Game Dog Forum

Game Dog Forum Welcome to Game Dog Forum dedicated to the preservation of the American Pit Bull Terrier in its original form as a game-bred dog. Discuss laws & legis...lation, share stories of sports and activities you enjoy with your dogs, and more.more
117 2 posts / day View Recent Threads

8. German Shepherds Forum

German Shepherds Forum Finding the Right Puppy? or Need help finding a good trainer? Join the German Shepherds Forum, a community dedicated to all German Shepherd owners and... enthusiasts. Read conversations about bloodlines, training, breeding, and more.more
9 posts / day View Recent Threads

9. Dog Community

Dog Community Dog Community is an online forum for all dog lovers to share their experiences of having a dog. Explore content about how to choose a dog, breed-relat...ed and rescue, talk about health and grooming, discuss their behavior, and more.more
4 posts / month View Recent Threads

10. Reddit » Dog

Reddit » Dog San Francisco, California, US
The purpose of this dog Reddit community is to provide dog owners & dog lovers with a supportive space where they can discuss dogs related topics, their pictures, tell their stories, and talk about their problems.more
1.7M 1.2M 25 posts / day Jun 2008 View Recent Threads

11. Doberman Talk Forum

Doberman Talk Forum This community's ultimate goal is to provide a friendly place for Doberman owners and enthusiasts to discuss and ask questions about their dogs. J...oin and chat about breeding, health, behavior, adoption, care, classifieds, and more.more
1.1K 4 posts / day View Recent Threads

12. Doberman Chat Forum

Doberman Chat Forum Forums provide information by discussion of the Doberman Pinscher dog breed and topics about health, training, events, rescue and history.
1.9K 1.3K 6 posts / day View Recent Threads

13. Pet Forums » Dog Chat

Pet Forums » Dog Chat The Pet forum is a UK-based pet owners' community. Chat here about your beloved dogs & puppies, ask for advice & help, participate in dog photo co...mpetitions, and also find dog foods, deals, offers, and much more.more
1.3K 1 post / day View Recent Threads

14. Dog-Forums

Dog-Forums We are a discussion forum for dog owners, come join us, we're a friendly bunch! Also, know about buying and selling dog related items, reviews, op...inions on dog-related products, and more.more
2 posts / month View Recent Threads

15. Breedia Dog Forum

Breedia Dog Forum Welcome to the fastest-growing & dedicated community for every dog's breed. Join Breedia Dog Forums to find information, ask related questions, breed discussions, upload dog photos, and get to know other dog owners.more
3 posts / week View Recent Threads

16. Boxer Breed Dog Forums

Boxer Breed Dog Forums Canada
The Boxer Breed Dog Forums is where Boxer dog owners and enthusiasts unite to discuss different Boxer Breeds, talk about their health issues, issues, training, & diet and share their pictures and videos.more
1 post / day View Recent Threads

17. The Labrador Forum

The Labrador Forum The Labrador Forum is a place to find support for dog lovers and lab fans worldwide. Post your questions & concerns about every aspect of raising a La...brador from puppy to old age, discuss the dog's behavioral science & training philosophy, and get information on diet, health, and more.more
1 post / day View Recent Threads

18. Spoiled Maltese

Spoiled Maltese Spoiled Maltese is a forum community dedicated to Maltese owners and enthusiasts. Join the conversation about their natural, organic, dry, and canned, house training, obedience training, grooming tips, and more.more
2 posts / week View Recent Threads

19. Golden Retriever Dog Forums

Golden Retriever Dog Forums Ask questions and get them answered by enthusiasts. Golden Retriever Dog Forums includes discussions on various topics such as puppy training, food re...views, animal services, anatomy, breed standard, and much more.more
9 posts / day View Recent Threads

20. Our Beagle World Forums

Our Beagle World Forums Join Our Beagle World Forum and get help from community experts and fellow owners on Beagle adoption, rescues, fostering, and more. Also, explore Beag...le photo galleries, ask for health & food advice, and talk about the beagle breed's marketplace.more
2 posts / week View Recent Threads

21. Vizsla Forums

Vizsla Forums Find discussions on Hungarian Vizsla and take part in having conversations about their lifestyle, health problems, eating habits, grooming, and access...ories. Also, share memories and good moments that you have had with your Vizsla.more
6 posts / week View Recent Threads

22. Dog Food Chat Forum

Dog Food Chat Forum New to the community? Please take the time and tell us a little bit about yourself. Come across categories that let you talk everything and anything a...bout dog food, dog nutrition, dry kibble, canned food, and different recipes.more
919 10 posts / month View Recent Threads

Additional Forums

  1. Dogsey Forum Visit to the world's largest dog forum that brings you dog news, articles, guides and more. Participate in dog debates, talk about their health & diet, training & behavior, and post their photos, or videos.
  2. Pet Forums » Dogs Join this discussion forum for all the pet lovers to chat about various animals. Enjoy talking to other community members and share your dog's pictures & videos, discuss your dog's health & wellness, and more.
  3. Gun Dog Forum  The Gun Dog Forum is a place to discuss hunting dog training, gun dog puppies, dog health, and nutrition. Ask others for training equipment, collars, hunting gear, and other related stuff.

Dog Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
Dog Forum New Dogs and Puppies Have questions about your furry new family member? Just want to share about your experience? This is the forum to do it!
Dog Health and Food Discuss dog food and health problems such as heartworm, kennel cough, arthritis, skin problems, fleas, ticks, food allergies, nutrition, and more.
Dog Training and Behavior Discuss dog training and behavior, including general dog obedience, aggression, barking, biting, chewing, digging and more.
Dog Gear and Supplies Discuss the dog gear, supplies and clothes you give your dogs.
Dog Books
Dog Grooming Discuss dog grooming including bathing your dog, clipping your dog's nails, and more.
Dog Breeds
Dog Shows Discuss dog shows and showing your dog.
Working Dogs
Dog Performance Sports Discuss dog performance sports such as agility, Earthdog, flyball, lure-coursing, rally-o, tracking and more.
Dog Pictures and Videos Share pictures, art and videos of your dogs and puppies.
Dog News Discuss news and stories related to dogs, puppies, and other animal related events here.
Cats Talk about cats. Cat Forums
Other Pets Pet Forums
Dog Forums General Dog Forum This the place to chat about your dog. Share stories about your dog or dogs, or just post anything dog related.
First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions This is where you can post if you are new to owning a pet dog. Your basic questions about house training and other simple subjects should be posted here.
Dog Training Forum Dog Training Forums - Do you go to dog training classes? Do you self-train your dog? Share with other readers what dog training techniques work for you.
Dog Grooming Forum
Dog Food Forum Come here to talk about what type of dog foods different people recommend for their dogs. Find tips and tricks about what certain dogs may enjoy eating.
Dog Pictures Forum Show your fellow dog lovers all those images you have saved up over the years. Share with others the story behind these pictures or have some friendly...
Dog Health Questions
Dog Sports/Show Forum
Dog Rescue Forum
Buy & Sell Dog Items Buy or sell used equipment and items here. No Animal Sales Permitted.
Working Dog Forum Newbie (Beginner) Discussion
General Working Dog Discussion
Training Discussion General training questions, that don't fit into another category go here.
Diet & Health
Breeding Any breeding questions here.
Raising A Working Puppy Discussion about raising your working puppy.
Schutzhund Discussion specifically about the sport of Schutzhund and all its phases. Members that repeatedly bash the sport are banned from this section.
Personal Protection Dogs
Sport Dogs Forum for dogs trained to participate in ANY dog sports.
Service Dogs Service dogs, seeing eye dogs, therapy dogs and all other service dog training, information and certification information.
Photo Threads Share pictures of your working dogs.
Marketplace Classifieds For Sale/Trade/Wanted
Dog Adoptions
UK Dog Forum Dog Diaries
Dog Pictures and Videos Share your dog pictures and videos.
Hound Originally used for hunting using scent or sight.
Pastoral Herding dogs associated with working cattle or sheep.
Terrier Originally bred for hunting vermin.
Toy Companion or lap dogs.
Dog Breeding Help and discussions on responsible dog breeding.
Puppy Forum Help and advice on on your new puppy.
Dog Health
Dog Food and Diet
Dog Behaviour and Training
Dog Grooming Topics and discussions on dog grooming.
Dog Sports
Dog Walking Dog friendly walks and walking services in the UK.
Other Animals Discuss any other animals that are not dogs.
Pet Shops
Rehoming and Adoption Connect with dogs who need a new home.
Dogs Online Forum General Dog Discussion
Puppy Chat All discussion related to puppies can be found here!
Health / Nutrition / Grooming For all canine health, nutrition and grooming discussion.
Aged Dog Care Discussion of the health and well-being of aging dogs and the issues they experience.
Dog Rescue (General Rescue Discussion) For all general rescue discussion.
Training / Obedience / Dog Sports For all Obedience, Training, Dog Sports (eg agility, flyball, tracking, lure coursing, sledding etc), and Behaviour discussions!
Photos, Photos, Photos
Rainbow Bridge
German Shepherds Forum General Information Topics that do not fit into any of the other categories.
Happy Birthday / Gotcha Day
In Loving Memory
Preparing to Say Good Bye Dedicated to Millie and her best friend Donna who stimulated much converstation on the last day.This is the place to ask questions and share experiences.
Events & Club Info
Finding the Right Puppy Questions & Advice on the search for the right puppy for you.
Choosing A Breeder Questions & advice on choosing the right breeder.
General Puppy Stuff General forum for questions and comments about your puppy that don't fit elsewhere.
Training Our Puppy (basic) All aspects of puppy training.
Puppy Behavior Behavior relating specifically to puppies. Is this normal?
Feeding Our Puppy All aspects of feeding for healthy puppies.
Puppies/Raw Diets Information on how to start and feed a raw diet to our puppies.
Development & Socialization Discussions on puppy physical development and socialization to bring out potential.
Ears Up??????
How do I (teach my dog to)?
Equipment (how to use/where to find) Discussions on what equipment works best for what and where can you buy that equipment? Should you use a prong, halti, or flat collar? Where can you find...
General Behavior Good or bad? Ask your behavior questions here.
Finding a Good Trainer Need help finding a good trainer? Ask others to help you out here.
Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption These dogs are currently living in High Kill Shelters and need immediate rescue! (Pure Bred GSD postings only)
Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption
Rescue, Foster & Adoption Information (General)
Health Issues General questions and comments about your dogs health.
Diet & Nutrition
B.A.R.F./Raw Feeding All aspects of feeding B.A.R.F./Raw diets
Basic Care Grooming, vet check-ups, spaying & neutering, dental hygiene, etc...
Recipes Trade your favorite gourmet recipes here.
The Senior Dog Love those seniors, discussions on old age.
Holistic/Homeopathic Practices All things natural.
Show those Hips For posting hip x-rays for evaluation and education. Photos must by no larger than 800X600.
Thinking About Becoming A Breeder?
Pregnancy, Whelping & Raising a Litter Questions and advice on how a responsible breeder handles the pregnancy and whelping and what it takes to raise a well-balanced litter
Breeding - General
Bloodlines & Pedigrees All discussion relate to GSD bloodlines and pedigrees.
The Breed Standard The "Breed Standard," includes appearance and temperament. Discussion here.
Genetic Issues All questions and comments relating to the genetics of the breed.
Critique My Dog
Schutzhund/IPO Training
Other Protection Sports For discussion of SDA, Ringsport (French, Mondio, Belgian), PSA and Other Protection Sports
Herding Anything regarding the sport of herding goes here.
Agility Anything regarding the sport of agility goes here.
Nosework, Scentwork, Detection, Tracking, Trailing Nosework / Scent Work/ tracking/ trailing discussion, all venues welcome.
Showing (Conformation) Discussion relate to the (conformation) showing/exhibiting.
Miscellaneous Dog Sports
Search & Rescue
Guide, Therapy & Service Dogs
Police K-9 Everything relating to K-9 Cops, their training, selection and......
Military Dogs For dogs working in the military around the world
Current Dog Affairs
Dog Community Choosing A Dog
Health & Grooming Health and Grooming related content and discussion...
Life Stages Age related content and discussion(including ill and deceased animals......
News & Entertainment Fun content, news and events...
Nutrition & Exercise
Rescue & Help
Training & Behavior Training and Behavior related content and discussion...
Dog-Forums Dog Chat General chat about dogs and puppies.
Breedia Alaskan Malamute Alaskan Malamute Forum
American Bulldog American Bulldog Forum
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Anatolian Shepherd Dog Forum
Australian Cattle Dog
Beagle Beagle Forum
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois) Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois) Forum
Border Terrier Border Terrier Forum
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Forum
French Bulldog French Bulldog Forum
German Shorthaired Pointer
German Shepherd Dog
Golden Retriever Golden Retriever Forum
Pomeranian Pomeranian Forum
Poodle (Standard)
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Shih Tzu Shih Tzu Forum
St. Bernard
Crossbreeds Forum Crossbreeds Forum - For chat about crossbred dogs
Gun Dog Forum Training
Health and Nutrition
Product Ratings & Reviews
Dogs for Sale
Hunting/Dog Related Stuff For Sale
Horses & Horse Equipment Horse Forums
Birds & Bird Supplies Bird Forums
Dogsey General Dog Chat
Training Training & Behaviour Forum
Boxer Forums General Boxer Forum Talk about anything boxer related that doesn't fit into the specific forum categories. Sponsored by Varsity Pets
Puppies, Eggheads and Fur Babies Useful information about boxer puppies.
Rainbow Bridge In loving memory of our friends.
Training and Behavior Is my dog crazy?
Rescue forum
Breeding Info Post your breeding questions here.
Food Tips and Diet Info
The Labrador Forum Labrador Puppies This is the place to get help with puppy problems, share your puppy pictures and chat about labrador puppies
Labrador health
Labrador Training This is the place to discuss Labrador training issues, get help with your Lab and to share your training tips and experiences with others.
Labrador behaviour
Senior Labradors This is the place to discuss issues and raise questions related to your senior Labrador Retriever.
Labrador Chat Chat about your labradors here
Labradors in Service A place for Labradors that serve our community. Therapy dogs, guide dogs, search and rescue etc.
Dog Chat
Recipes A place to swap recipes
Spoiled Maltese Forum All Thing Maltese Maltese discussions that don't fit other more specific forum sections.
Maltese Health & Behavior A healthy dog is a happy dog! Discuss their health and behavior.
Maltese Grooming Have a question or tip about keeping our Have a question or tip about keeping our Maltese looking, feeling and smelling good? Let's hear it!
Maltese Training Discuss house training, obedience training or how they have YOU trained!!!
Maltese food, snacks and treats Talk about the maltese diet such as natural, organic, dry, canned, treats, etc along with problems or allergies.
Picture Posts Post pictures of your Maltese, your house, your car, family, friends and more!
Breeders Ask questions about buying a Maltese, where to find a breeder or post your experiences with them. Breeders let's hear from you too!
Rescues Believe it or not there are many Maltese in rescues throughout the world. Tell us about ones you know of or your experiences.
Golden Retriever Forum Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion General Golden Retriever Discussions.
Rainbow Bridge Grief Support Section A forum for those that need support for the loss of their 4 legged family members
GRF Goldens that have passed In this forum you will see threads , by years, listing GRF Goldens that have passed.
Golden Retriever Polls Post your polls here.
Golden Retriever Pictures This area is to share pictures of your dog(s) with other members of our forum. You can all use our gallery to do so.
Golden Retriever Videos This area is to share your Golden Retriever videos.
Other Retriever Breeds Other Retriever Breed Discussion.
Other Pets Post pictures or talk about your cat, non Golden dogs, or any other animals you may own. Pet Forums
Golden Retriever Puppy General discussion about Golden Retriever puppies from birth until they're 1 year old.
Golden Retriever Senior Center General discussion about Golden Retriever Seniors -ages 8 years old and older.
Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy Get support about finding the right breeder for you and tips on how to choose the right puppy.
Golden Retriever - Common Ages by Month & Year
Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard Discuss all health problems, symptoms and their treatments. Also anatomy, physiology and Golden Retriever breed standard.
Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers Discuss all health problems, symptoms , treatments and information involving cancer with Golden Retrievers.
Golden Retriever Grooming Post tips for, or ask about, Grooming your Golden Retrievers. Dog Grooming Forums
Golden Retriever Nutrition, Feeding & Recipes General feeding, nutrition and recipes related discussion.
Pet Food Warnings and Recall Information Information and discussion about pet food recalls.
Golden Retriever Training What's the best way to train your Golden Retriever? Discuss your tips, tricks and hints.
Golden Retriever Behavioral Problems & Issues Why does he/she do this?
General Golden Retriever Rescue Forum General discussion forum for those running or otherwise involved in Golden Retriever Rescue.
Golden Retriever Rescue Cases Rescue groups and individuals can post their rescue cases and discuss outcome of each case in this forum.
Golden Retriever - You've Adopted or Rescued A forum for those to discuss issues and stories of their Adopted/Re-homed or Rescued dogs.
Golden Retriever Agility & Obedience Forum for discussing all aspects of the Golden in Agility & Obedience.
Golden Retriever Hunt and Field Place for beginners and professionals to discuss training and their experiences in field and hunt.
Golden Retriever Competition Training - All Sports
Golden Retriever Conformation Showing For exchanging tips and general information on showing Golden Retrievers in the conformation ring.
Golden Retriever Pedigree This forum is to discuss Golden Retriever pedigree only.
Golden Retriever Service Dogs Golden Retrievers trained to specifically help people who may have disabilities.
Quizzes & Puzzles
Golden Retriever Photo Contest Enter your best photos and also vote here for your favorite pictures .
Our Beagle World Beagle Discussions Here is the place where people who are owned by beagles can discuss their favorite topic... Their Beagles!
Health and Welfare This area is for health and welfare information related to products for your fur kids related to foods, toys, and other related health and fitness topics.
Adoptions, Rescues, Fostering, Lost & Found For issues concerning all of the above including notices and links to beagles that are available for adoption.
Your Beagle Photo Gallery Share your favorite pictures of your Beagle!
Rainbow Bridge Memorials A place to remember those beagles who are waiting across the Rainbow bridge.
Doberman Talk Town Hall Topics The purpose of this section is to compare, discuss, and educate each other in some of the common things we do with our Dobermans.
Doberman Related Chat If your post does not fit into any other category post here.
Puppy Corner Everything Puppy related goes here
Doberman Health If it has to do with your dog and its health post here.
Breeding and Breeders Know a good Breeder? Are you a Breeder? Please post here and let us know
General Training & Obedience All training and obedience questions, tips, articles go here
Obedience, Agility, and Working Sports
The Show Ring
Doberman Rescue If you know of a Doberman that needs a home please post in here.
Rainbow Bridge If you need to talk about a lost love one please share your story in this forum
Vet Help Direct Dogs Join the discussion or ask one of our expert vets a question in the VetHelpDirect Forums.
Wamiz Pet Forum Dog Welcome to Wamiz's dog forum, a place where you'll be able to ask any questions about dog grooming, training, feeding, etc. Come join our community of pet owners and pet lovers.
Pet Keepers Guide Forum Dog Forum Dog forum for any dog related question, discussion, story, and photo, video sharing.
Yummy Pets Forum Dogs
TuDiabetes Forum A Dogs Life A Social Club for people that love dogs.
FishLore Aquarium Forum Dog Talk about anything related to Dogs.
NZ Hunting and Shooting Dogs

Dog Forum Topics