Top 35 Fitness Forums in 2024

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What is Fitness Forum?
A Fitness Forum is where individuals and fitness enthusiasts can connect online and talk about everything related to health and fitness. Share your fitness goals, workout routine, diet recommendations and advice for anyone that struggles with fitness. The Fitness Forums provide a community to share your challenges and achievements while on the path to fitness and healthy living. They also provide you with resources and advice from experienced fitness instructors, information on weight training, cardio, bodybuilding, weight loss, and useful fitness techniques.
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Fitness Forums

Here are 35 Best Fitness Forums you should follow in 2024

1. Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forums

Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forums Besides creating and producing workout videos, Cathe Friedrich is a gym owner and a certified group fitness instructor. Join her discussion board to learn more about fitness, health, nutrition, and workouts.
Facebook Followers 361.4KTwitter Followers 4KInstagram Followers 22K Frequency 3 posts / day View Recent Threads

2. Elite Fitness Forums

Elite Fitness Forums Discuss anabolic steroids, lifestyle, supplements, weight training & weight lifting, and anything related to general fitness. The Elite Fitness forum is where you can ask questions related to bodybuilding and get answered by bodybuilders worldwide.
Threads 723K Posts 10M Members 325K Twitter Followers 246 Frequency 7 posts / day View Recent Threads

3. FitDay Discussion Boards

FitDay Discussion Boards Welcome to FitDay, introduce yourself to the community and share your success stories, give custom food ideas, and talk about weight loss issues here. It is your free online diet journal and calorie tracker that helps you stay on top of foods, exercises, weight loss, and fitness goals.
Facebook Followers 61.8KTwitter Followers 7K Frequency 4 posts / day
Subforums Diets, Exercise, FitDay 2.0 Feedback & Support, FitDay Classic Feedback and Support, FitDay Custom Foods View Recent Threads

4. Real Muscle Forums

Real Muscle Forums Check out here all aspects of diet & nutrition, post questions about bulking, getting lean, healthy eating, weight loss, healthy recipes, etc. The Real Muscle forum is a fitness and bodybuilding forum purely for the discussion of keeping fit and improving your body.
Threads 5K Posts 63K Members 9K Facebook Followers 1.1KTwitter Followers 396 Frequency 2 posts / week
Subforums Anabolic Zone, Bodybuilding Gossip, Diet & Nutrition, Fat Loss, For Personal Trainers View Recent Threads

5. Getbig Forums

Getbig Forums Want to know more about bodybuilding and the fitness industry? Getbig forums are your go-to source for all the bodybuilding gossip & opinions. Read the latest news & events, speak up on fitness training, nutrition products, or supplements, ask questions and learn from the experts.
Twitter Followers 1.1K Frequency 30 posts / day View Recent Threads

6. Bodybuilding Forums

Bodybuilding Forums Are you a fitness enthusiast? OR interested in learning more about it? This Bodybuilding forum is where you can discuss training, nutrition, bodybuilding & workout equipment, and post questions about specific exercises or everything related to proper fitness goals.
Threads 4M Posts 81M Members 19M Facebook Followers 3.2MTwitter Followers 721.6KInstagram Followers 3M Frequency 30 posts / day
Subforums Supplements, Teen Bodybuilding, Over Age 35, Nutrition, Female Bodybuilding View Recent Threads

7. Underground Body Building Forum

Underground Body Building Forum The Underground Body Building Forum has a collection of conversation threads related to fitness & bodybuilding. Talk about the proper form & techniques of training & workout, and post questions concerning bulking, getting lean, healthy eating, weight loss, etc.
Threads 37K Posts 908K Members 34K Frequency 7 posts / day
Subforums Anabolic Steroids and Cycle Discussion, Bloodwork and Lab Test Results, Bodybuilding News, Competitions, Canadian Brotherhood View Recent Threads

8. Fitness Forum is the global fitness community that talks about health conditions, yoga, stretching, meditation techniques, diet, motivation, nutrition, and recipes. Also, come across new weight loss methods & diet plans, post your before, after & in-between stories, and more.
Threads 345K Posts 5M Members 342K Twitter Followers 661 Frequency 1 post / week
Subforums Health Conditions, Type II Diabetes, Stress and Anxiety Reduction, Weight Loss, Articles and Research View Recent Threads

9. Fitness Geared

Fitness Geared keep track of your fitness progress with Fitness Geared, a trustworthy bodybuilding discussion board where Bodybuilders share their knowledge on bodybuilding, steroids, and fitness by using nutrition and supplements to meet their goals.
Threads 107K Posts 921K Members 15K Facebook Followers 1.7KTwitter Followers 8.7K Frequency 2 posts / day
Subforums AAS Discussion, AAS/Gear Articles, Competitive Bodybuilding, Everything for Women, Exercise & Training articles View Recent Threads

10. GymKaki Forum

GymKaki Forum GymKaki is Singapore's number-one fitness forum, offering all community members the possibility to find fitness buddies, gym trainers, gym memberships, and more in one place.
Frequency 30 posts / day
Subforums Gym Membership Singapore, Gym Membership Malaysia, Find Fitness Trainer in Singapore, Find Workout Buddies in Singapore, General Chat View Recent Threads

11. T Nation Forums

 T Nation Forums Visit the world's trusted community for elite fitness. Discuss your training plans, supplements, nutrition, injuries, and rehab with fellow fitness freaks, also ask questions and post related issues here.
Facebook Followers 1.4MTwitter Followers 70.5KInstagram Followers 346.2K Frequency 7 posts / day
Subforums Bigger Stronger Leaner, Beginners, Competitive Bodybuilding, Combat, Over 35 Lifter View Recent Threads

12. TMuscle

TMuscle The TMuscle is a place to read and discuss various aspects of bodybuilding. Join this community to chat about training, diet, supplements, anabolics, muscle, strength, fat loss, health, fitness, steroids, powerlifting, strongman, and more.
Threads 33K Posts 2M Members 13K Facebook Followers 2.8KTwitter Followers 13.2K Frequency 1 post / week View Recent Threads

13. Reddit » Fitness

Reddit » Fitness Ask here about all things fitness, and post your questions related to diet, nutrition, lifting, weight training, and so on. This subreddit is giving you a discussion board for physical fitness/exercise goals and how they can be achieved.
Facebook Followers 1.7MTwitter Followers 1.1M Frequency 1 post / day View Recent Threads

14. » Fitness » Fitness Talk about all factors of fitness matters such as nutrition, diet, and healthy eating here in this fitness section. Find beginners' strength & muscle gain programs, ask for proteins & supplements, and much more.
Threads 38K Posts 593K Frequency 1 post / week View Recent Threads

15. MyFitnessPal » Fitness and Exercise

MyFitnessPal » Fitness and Exercise MyFitnessPal is one of the best fitness forums, helping enthusiasts track their diet and exercise. Share fitness tips and exercise suggestions with other MyFitnessPal members, search for a personal trainer, nutritionist, or registered dietician, and more.
Members 232K Facebook Followers 1.6MTwitter Followers 184.5K Frequency 2 posts / day
Subforums Challenges, Fitness and Exercise, Food and Nutrition, Health and Weight Loss, Goal: Gaining Weight and Body Building View Recent Threads

16. AnandTech » Health and Fitness

AnandTech » Health and Fitness Want to lose or gain weight? Seeking help? Come join the AnandTech community where members share solutions and discuss their fitness journey. Ask for health suggestions, learn meditation practices and get the required advice.
Threads 7K Posts 119K Facebook Followers 57.9KTwitter Followers 75.7K Frequency 7 posts / month View Recent Threads

17. Reddit » Homegym

Reddit » Homegym Welcome to HomeGym, a subreddit devoted to working out at home. Post pictures, walkthroughs, & videos of your home gym give gym-related product reviews & equipment advice or ask any questions about your home gym.
Facebook Followers 1.9MTwitter Followers 1.1M Frequency 11 posts / day Since Mar 2012 View Recent Threads

18. SoSuave Forum » Health and Fitness

SoSuave Forum » Health and Fitness A healthy Don Juan who feels and looks good is a chick magnet. Discuss strength training, aerobic exercise, nutritional supplements, sports supplements, or anything else designed to help you feel and look you're very best.
Frequency 1 post / week View Recent Threads

19. Australian BodyBuilding Forum

Australian BodyBuilding Forum The Australian BodyBuilding forum is dedicated to no nonsense muscle and strength building. If you need advice that works, you have come to the right place. This forum focuses on building strength and muscle using the basics.
Threads 21K Posts 711K Members 8K Twitter Followers 1.6K Frequency 23 posts / week
Subforums Advertisers / Sponsors Corner, Bodybuilding Supplements, BodyBuilding Training Discussions, Bulk Nutrients, Buy/Sell/trade View Recent Threads

20. Cycling News Forum » Exercise & Fitness

Cycling News Forum » Exercise & Fitness Join the Cycling News community and talk about all things related to exercise and fitness. Discuss cycling as exercise, ask for low-carb diet tips, chat about anxiety & panic attacks after workouts or post any other related problems and get expert advice.
Facebook Followers 609.6KTwitter Followers 303.8K Frequency 1 post / month View Recent Threads

21. Red Flag Deals Forum » Fitness & Nutrition

Red Flag Deals Forum » Fitness & Nutrition From workout routines to supplement queries, this forum is the place to ask questions and discuss all your fitness and nutrition needs. Ask for home fitness equipment recommendations, find whey protein buyer's guides, and give workout tips & suggestions.
Threads 3K Posts 45K Members 2M Facebook Followers 65.3KTwitter Followers 74.1K Frequency 2 posts / month View Recent Threads

22. Reddit » Gym

Reddit » Gym Whether you've been lifting for decades or are just starting, this subreddit is the place for you. Post your progress or transformation pictures, talk about your favorite things, aspects, or feature of a gym, share your motivational stories, and inspire others.
Facebook Followers 1.7MTwitter Followers 1.1M Frequency 19 posts / day Since Jun 2008 View Recent Threads

23. Spectra » Health, Wellness & Fitness

Spectra » Health, Wellness & Fitness Join the discussion on topics such as fitness, diet, and overall well-being in the Spectra Forums. Share your advice on how to get better skin and what lifestyle changes can help the quality of your health. Ask questions about weight loss and work out routine recommendations. You can also discuss supplements for wellness and share your fitness machine suggestions.
Frequency 2 posts / month View Recent Threads

24. Nerd Fitness Forum » General Fitness

Nerd Fitness Forum » General Fitness Get all your answers concerning health & fitness with Nerd Fitness Forum. Connect and converse with other enthusiasts and questions about workout equipment, how to become a fitness champion, or alternative fitness activities, also find beginners' fitness guides.
Members 65K Frequency 6 posts / year
Subforums Challenges, Strength Training!, Daily Battle Logs and Epic Quests, 2022, Previous Challenge: September 11 to October 15 View Recent Threads

25. PinoyExchange Forum » Body and Fitness

PinoyExchange Forum » Body and Fitness Want to have a body to die for? This forum is for all things related to fitness, weight training, and body transformation. Create your meal plan, find weight loss or gain guides, find hacks to stay fit at home, learn the best exercises, and more. learn ways to
Facebook Followers 68.1KTwitter Followers 8.1KInstagram Followers 668 Frequency 6 posts / year View Recent Threads

26. Zen Labs Fitness Community

Zen Labs Fitness Community Not sure where to begin? Get started here, Zen Labs is a community based on health and fitness. Ask here every query regarding reaching your fitness goals such as weight loss exercises & ideas and tips.
Threads 27K Posts 448K Members 63K Facebook Followers 41KTwitter Followers 9.8K
Subforums Core Strength and Training, Weight Loss / Fat Loss, Half/Full Marathon Training, Treadmill Running, Muscle Workouts / Cross Training View Recent Threads

27. Reddit » Gym Owners

Reddit » Gym Owners Planning to own a gym soon? or already own one? Visit this Reddit community to find all your answers concerning gym operations. Talk about buying gym equipment, hiring good gym staff, clients scheduling software, and more.
Facebook Followers 1.9MTwitter Followers 1.1M Frequency 3 posts / year Since Sep 2014 View Recent Threads

Additional Forums

  1. City-Data Forum » Exercise & Fitness Share your journey of dropping a couple of dress sizes and losing a few pounds, post your fitness achievements, and recommend other members' supplements, workouts, and more. This forum is a place where you can drop anything related to exercise & fitness.
  2. Shapefit Forum Concerned about your health & fitness? Visit the Shape fit Forum for tips. Ask your weight training questions, ask about dieting, nutrition, recipes & food facts, and post your photos to show everyone the progress.
  3. IndiaForums » Health & Fitness Get all the information about health & fitness. Discuss junk eating habits & irregular diet, talk about the foods that can help you take care of your hair and skin at the same time, and more.
  4. MyFit Fitness Forum MyFit Forum is here to help you reach your exercise and workout goals by being able to ask questions related to fat loss, bodybuilding, metabolism, diet, nutrition, or anything fitness, to personal trainers and other members.
  5. Sweat Forum The SWEAT Forum is a devoted place for women to share their experiences, gain knowledge, find inspiration and develop encouraging friendships during their health and fitness journey. Introduce yourself and start finding your fitness suggestions.
  6. Health Boards » Relationship Health This section of Health Board forums focuses on relationship health. Connect with community members, ask questions, and learn from others' experiences.