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What is Islam Forum?
An Islam Forum is a community for followers of Islam and individuals interested in learning about the religion. Here they can talk and discuss the teachings of Islam. Learn why Islam is the fastest-growing religion and who are some of the most influential Muslims in the world. Visit the Islam Forums to ask questions on religion, spirituality, and relationships and learn the history and culture of Islam. New Muslims can find support and learn about the Quran, fasting, prayers, Ramadhan, and Eid ul-Fitr. Non-Muslim individuals can also join the discussions and gain knowledge about Islam, popular practices, Islamic duties, literature, and more.

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Islam Forums

Here are 15 Best Islam Forums you should follow in 2023

1. Reddit » Islam

Reddit » Islam San Francisco, California, US
This is a subreddit feed for everything related to Islam. Ask questions about religion and spirituality, relationship advice, and participate in discussions about Islam. Learn about the Quran and Hadith, and history, culture and art in Islam.more
1.7M 1.2M 30 posts / day Mar 2008 View Recent Threads

2. TurnToIslam Islamic Forum

TurnToIslam Islamic Forum San Jose, California, US
Discuss and share your knowledge about the Islamic religion at the TurnToIslam Islamic Forum. Talk about Islamic poetry, education and careers, resour...ces for learning Arabic and news and current affairs. The forum also provides resources for new Muslims, and many other useful media.more
5.7K 26 3 posts / week View Recent Threads

3. IslamiCity Forum

IslamiCity Forum IslamiCity's mission is to share with the world an understanding of Islam and Muslims and promote peace, justice and harmony for all people. Islam...iCity aims to advance an understanding and dialogue among civilizations. Discuss and learn about the basics of Islam, and get answers to your questions from experts.more
147.3K 2.3K 1 post / week View Recent Threads

4. IslamicTeachings Forums

IslamicTeachings Forums IslamicTeachings Forums is a forum to share and discuss Islamic teachings. Also, get current affairs, news, and announcements. Ask questions and get a...dvice from other members of the forum and learn more about Islam.more
1 post / week View Recent Threads

5. QM Forum

QM Forum Qm Forum is a place for verses of the Quran. Also get to know about popular practices, prayers, fasting, Islamic duties, and more. You can find useful... resources on Islam and get to know about literature, study tools, popular practices, prayers, fasting and more.more
5 posts / week View Recent Threads

6. Forum Forum Welcome to the Ummah Forum, a vibrant and engaging online community for Muslims around the world. The Ummah Forum has always been a place where Muslim...s can come together to learn from each other, ask questions, and make lasting friendships as well as more than a few ummah forum marriage stories.more
30 posts / year View Recent Threads

7. IslamicBoard

IslamicBoard Islamic/Muslim Forum for the Muslim and non-Muslim community. Discuss here Islam and the oneness of Allah. Find Islamic Forum articles and information.... Learn about Islam with the help of the forum and find support and advice for new Muslims. Read and discuss about Fasting, Ramadhan & Eid ul-Fitr.more
10K 1.5K 1 post / week View Recent Threads

8. Islamic Forum

Islamic Forum Islamic Forum is a friendly Islamic international community for all Islamic discussions. Islam is a moderate religion and way of life meant for to embrace, and an Islamic forum is your better chance to understand it while meeting cool Muslims from around the world. Join the discussions on the forum and learn more about Islam.more
1 post / month View Recent Threads

Additional Forums

  1. MuftiSays | Islamic Forum MuftiSays is a forum for discussions on teachings of Islam. Ask questions about Islam and get answers from experts. Share your opinions and perspectives, and join the discussions on the forum.
  2. Religion Forums » Islam is a place to discuss and debate on religions, God, morality, spiritualism, and philosophy. Share knowledge and learn from others.
  3. City-Data Forum » Islam is a forum category dedicated to the discussions on Islam. Join the discussions and ask for advice related to studying the Qur'an, learn about Prophet Muhammad, talk about Islamic art and share Islamic humor.
  4. QM Forum is the place to discuss Quran and Islam. Talk about Islamic practices, prayers, and fasting. Ask questions about the Prophets and Messengers, and learn more about Islam.
  5. Discover True Islam  is a place to ask general questions, issues regarding God, Islam, and Quran. Participate in discussions about Islam and share your thoughts. Learn about the teachings of the Quran and share your knowledge with the forum.

Islam Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
Ummah Travel Forum Muslim Friendly Destinations Guide, tips and advice.
Hajj & Umrah Forum
Ramadhan Forum
General Islamic Topics Dicussion on any aspect of Islam.
Jinns / Ruqya / Unseen Discussion on Jinn, Sihr, Black Magic issues, Ruqya and Unseen
Marriage Marriage In Islam Marriage Forums
Islamic Parenting Parenting Forums
Food & Health Halal Food Recipes & Reviews, Restaurant/Cafe or Take away, Eating and living Healthy Food Forums
Islamic Lifestyle & Social Issues Any issues pertaining to Lifestyle, Health, Social issues. Discuss medicine, food and general social life.
Charities and Fundraising
Questions About Islam / Muslim Have a Specific Question about Islam and Muslims?
New Muslims Support Area
Islamic Books & Reviews Islamic Books & Reviews Section. (Please do no upload copyright material to this forum) Book Forums
Qur'an Audio/Video Quranic multimedia
Islamic Lectures & Reminders Islamic Reminders & Refresh Your Imaan.
Poetry & Nasheed To share your own poetry or poetry written by others as well as nasheed for listening/watching. Poetry Forums
Education Zone Studying?Homework? or Puzzles,quizzes and brainteasers!
Learn Arabic and Other Languages
Islamic History & Persons
Digital Highway
Polling Booth Post your polls here.
Anonymous Posting/Counselling Forum This forum allows users to post anonymously. Please note, all anonymous threads and posts will be subject to moderation before they are visible .
Ummah Forum Projects For specific Islamic educational projects approved by the admin team
Comparative Religion Islam and other religions. A dialogue between the faiths from around the globe. Comparative religion and the role of Islam in various societies.
Islamic Board Discover Islam Discover Islam - A forum for non-Muslims to explore and discover what Islam is about.
New Muslims New Muslims - Support for new Muslims
Umrah, Hajj & Eid ul-Adha Umrah, Hajj & Eid ul-Adha - Share here articles, experiences, questions - anything that is related to the Pilgrimage and the 'Celebration of the Sacrif
Clarifications about Islam Clarifications about Islam - Clarifying misconceptions about Islam and addressing allegations levelled against it.
Aqeedah Aqeedah - Topics related to the Islamic Creed
Worship in Islam Worship in Islam - “And I did not create the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me” [51:56]
Qur'an Qur'an - The Final Revelation to Mankind
Islamic History and Biographies Islamic History and Biographies -
Seerah Seerah - Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Prophets of Islam
Companions of the Prophet Companions of the Prophet - Learn about the lives of the blessed companions of the prophet!
Advice & Support Advice & Support - Seek advice for simple problems from fellow members. Help and console each other during times of trial.
Family & Society Family & Society - Building a family, the Islamic home, honouring parents, etc. Family Forums
World Affairs World Affairs - Discuss here about the state of the Ummah.
Comparative religion Comparative religion - Discussions about other religions in existence. Please keep it civil
Halal Fun Halal Fun - Share puzzles, jokes and take part in the quizzes!
Islamic Multimedia Islamic Multimedia - Qur'an recitation, Islamic lectures and other beneficial media
Creative Writing & Art Creative Writing & Art - Express your creativity! Share your poetry, fiction, artwork etc.
Health & Science Health & Science - Use this area to discuss health & fitness and explore the field of scientific discovery
Education Issues Education Issues - Ask here questions regarding homeworks, courseworks or assignments. Chat here about your experiences at school/college/university.
Travel Travel - Say, Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation. Indeed Allah, over all things, is Travel Forums
Business & Islamic finance Business & Islamic finance - The lounge for the Muslim Entrepreneur! Discuss business, wealth and finance. Business Forums
Turn To Islam TurnToIslam Lounge ! General Discussions, Talk about anything. A place to share information, express your ideas, discuss issues and have fun. Please Keep to Islamic Guidelines...
Islamic Discussion Discuss Islamic Issues Here.
New and Current Affairs This is forum where news and issues of a political nature is discussed. Particularly those affecting the Muslim World.
Islamic Poetry Section for Written Muslim Poetry. Please keep it to Islamic guidelines! - Poetry Forums
Education & Careers Here Muslim Brothers and Sisters can help each other succeed in this world.
Word Games These are Interesting Word Games you can take part in. InshaAllah.
Five Star Kitchen Recipes, Cooking.
Healthy Living, Excercise, Sports Healthy Living, Excercise, Sports
Learn Arabic Learn Arabic
Muslim Christian Dialogue Muslim Christian Dialogue
The Quran Articles About The Qur'an
New Muslim Video
Palestine Video Palestine Video
Islamic City Science & Technology It is devoted for Science & Technology Science Forums
General Islamic Matter Discuss Islamic matters/issues that not covered by other sub catagories
Ask Dr. Aslam You can ask questions related to Islam to Dr. Aslam Abdullah.
Islamic Finance Islamic Finance
Basics of Islam Basics of Islam
Islam for non-Muslims Non-Muslims can ask questions about Islam, discussion for the purpose of learning.
Stories - How I Became Muslim? Stories - How I Became Muslim?
Quran & Sunnah Understanding Quranic ayat and Sunnah
Pillars of Islam Pillars of Islam - Prayers, Fasting, Zakat, Hajj
Interfaith Dialogue It is for Interfaith dialogue, where Muslims discuss with non-Muslims. We encourge that dialogue takes place in a cordial atmosphere on various topics including religious tolerance.
Islamic INTRAfaith Dialogue Matters/topics, related to various sects, are discussed where only Muslims who may or may not belong to a sect take part.
Prophets - Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses Prophets - Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc.
Groups : New Muslims Groups : New Muslims
Arabic Language This forum is dedicated for Arabic language learner. Member who master in Arabic can help others who want to learn Arabic.
Islamic Personalties Shahabah, Scholars, Leaders
Family Matter Discuss Family Issues Family Forums
Current Events Current Events
World Politics World Politics Political Forums
Books, Newspapers & Magazines Books, Newspapers, Magazines, etc. Book Forums
Radio, TV & Film Radio, TV & Film
Islamic Teachings Non-Muslims Welcome! Please ask if you need help
General Islamic Discussions Current Affairs/News/General Discussions
Hanafi Fiqh (General) Islamic JurisprudenceBrowse & Learn or Ask a Question
Shaafi'ee Fiqh
Maaliki Fiqh
Hanbali Fiqh
Hanafi Fiqh (Women) Issues Specific to Women
Fiqh of Menstruation
Aqeedah (Beliefs)
Deviant Sects All sects which are deviant from true teachings of Islam.
Madhabs & Taqleed Adherance to the Schools of Jurisprudence
Tazkiyah / Tasawwuf Innovation or part of Islam? Learn here
Matters of the Heart
Inspiring Quotes & Poems Poetry Forums
Short Reminders Beneficial Reminders for Daily Life
Pearls of Wisdom
Inspiring Stories
For the Muslimah
Prophets, History & Biographies
Du’as for Various Occasions
Beautiful Names of Allah
General Islamic Articles
Answers to Misconceptions about Islam
Youth “Today’s youths are the force, hope and leaders of tomorrow”
Health Health Forums
OCD / Wasaawis
Depression Depression Forums
Addictions Addiction Forums
Islamic Books Book Forums
Spirituality Spiritual Forums
Prophets & Biographies
Seerah & History
Quran Message General Discussions General Discussions
Islamic Duties Islamic Duties
Q&As with Joseph Islam - Information Only
Gawaher Islamic Discussions
Controversial Issues issues that are repeatedly discussed, often with disagreement between moderate Muslims and strict Muslims.
Private Discussions Islamic issues that could confuse new Muslims can be discussed here. Only forum team can view and discuss your posts.
Refuting non-Muslims Debate Zone! (non-Muslims can debate only here)
Refuting Christians topics that can help Christians understand why they should convert
Ramadan, Eids, Hajj seasons
Mufti Says Public Services
People's Say
Tech & General Support
Propaganda, Lies, Hoax
Qur'aan Recitation
Speech - General Forum
Multimedia General Category
Poems :: Quotes Poetry Forums
Debating Christianity Islam

Islam Forum Topics