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A Law Forum is a community for lawyers, law school candidates and law enthusiasts and experts to talk about everything related to the law. The forums also help anyone seeking legal advice to get answers from law experts. Ask questions about the top law schools, the application process, talk about experiences as a lawyer, and other questions related to studying law. Check out the Law Forums for resources, discuss legal situations, answer legal questions, ask about insurance and accidents, and share your law knowledge.

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1. Reddit » Legal Advice

Reddit » Legal Advice San Francisco, California, US
A place to ask simple legal questions, and to have legal concepts explained.
1.7M 1.2M 30 posts / day Oct 2009 View Recent Threads

2. New York, US is a place to get free legal advice, legal forms, information, resources and access to lawyers to help you with your legal needs.
3.8K 565 14 posts / week View Recent Threads

3. Reddit » Law

Reddit » Law San Francisco, California, US
A place to discuss developments in the law and the legal profession.
1.7M 1.2M 4 posts / day Feb 2008 View Recent Threads

4. FreeAdvice Forum

FreeAdvice Forum Have a legal question you need to be answered? Discuss your legal question in one of our many legal forums and receive an answer from our ever growing... community.more
3 posts / day View Recent Threads

5. LegalBeagles Forum

LegalBeagles Forum LegalBeagles is a forum-based website where people share experiences and assist one another in dealing with various consumer and legal issues.
762 2.8K 12 posts / day View Recent Threads

6. Legal Junkies Forums

Legal Junkies Forums The central hub for news, updates, information, and discussion about Law. Also, talk to your mates about accidents, personal injury, insurance, and more.more
5 posts / day View Recent Threads

7. Forum Forum Welcome to Lawyersclubindia, India's most trusted website for Legal professionals and Law Students. Launched in Feb 2008, it started off as a site... meant for knowledge sharing only among Lawyers.more
101.8K 50.3K 13 posts / day View Recent Threads

8. The Canadian Law Forum » General

The Canadian Law Forum » General This section is a place for general discussion about law schools or your applications. The Canadian Law Forum is a community to hold discussions on LS...AT, asking questions regarding financial support, discussing different law schools, lawyers, and more.more
30 posts / quarter View Recent Threads

Additional Forums

  1. AussieLegal Forum is the place to discuss your legal situation with others.
  2. Forum is Canada's largest law school and legal education discussion forum.
  3. Youth4Work » Law is an online discussion forum where youth or even the experienced professionals discuss their queries related to and get answers for their questions from other talented individuals.
  4. Expert Law Forum is a place to get all legal help from the experts.
  5. Top Law School is a place for news, information and update on Law.
  6. Labor Law Talk is a place to get updates on employment and labor law

Law Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
The Law Auto Accidents, Injuries Car accidents, bus accidents, motorcycle accidents, personal injuries suffered concerning motor vehicles and the failure of a driver to exercise reasonable care.
Accidents, Injuries, Negligence General accidents, negligence and personal injury including slip and fall, dog bites, construction accidents, premises liability, wrongful death, strict liability, defective products, inadequate...
Defamation, Libel & Slander False statements that injure another person that are written (libel) or spoken (slander), false light injury, rights of publicity and some issues concerning privacy rights.
Professional, Medical Malpractice Injury suffered due to the negligence of a professional such as medical malpractice ( doctor, nurse, dentist, health care responsible for a birth injury, operating room accident, failure to...
Car Sales, Dealers, Repairs, Lemon Law Law covering the purchase and sale of automobiles and motor vehicles, new and used, car dealers, private sales, the federal lemon law (the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act), car financing, contracts and...
Drivers License, Vehicle Registration Application and renewals of a driver's license, points on your a license, suspension and reinstatement of a driver's license. Regulations and issues concerning the registration of motor vehicles,...
Speeding Tickets, Traffic & Moving Violations Automobile tickets and citations, speeding and radar, careless and reckless driving, failure to yield, seat belt tickets, cell phone and texting tickets, traffic lane and traffic control violations.
DUI, DWI, BUI, Drunk Driving Charges and issues concerning drinking and driving (automobile, boat, train or other vehicle) including DUI (driving under the influence), DWI (driving while intoxicated), BUI, BWI, breathalyzer,...
Parking Tickets, Towing, Impound Parking tickets, towing issues, repossession and other non-moving violations including matters in parking hearings, ticket mistakes.
Bankruptcy Law Issues concerning business or personal bankrutpcy, Federal Bankruptcy Court, reorganization, Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, and assets protected from creditors.
Credit, Debt and Collection Law and regulations concerning business debts, collections, debt collectors, auto loans, repo, credit cards, credit rating, medical bills, student loans.
Business & Corporate Matters Internal management of partnerships and corporations, bylaws, business operations, contracts, franchise law, shareholders, purchase and sale, dissolution and financial matters.
Starting a Business, Incorporation Issues concerning creating a new business, choosing the right entity, sole proprietorships, partnerships, c & s corporations, LLC, LLP, PLLC, articles of incorporation, registered agents and...
Banking, Finance, Investments Banks, personal finance, investments in the stock market and other money making opportunities. Investment Forums
Consumer Law, Contracts, Warranties Issues concerning consumer transactions in general, retailers, private sales, service providers (cable, phone, Internet, utilities), travel, recreation, home repair, construction, animal and pet...
Consumer Fraud & Scams Report a scam, slam or alert about a company's practice that you find deceptive
Guns, Firearms & Weapons Ownership and licensing of guns, firearms, knives, mace and other weapons, state and federal laws, requirements and constitutional rights issues. Gun Forums
Criminal Charges Criminal charges for alcohol and drug related crimes, DUI-DWI, guns and weapons offenses, assault & battery, burglary, home invasion, arson, computer crime, fraud, financial crimes (bad...
Criminal Records, Expungement Issues concerning criminal records, what can be seen, who can obtain them, how to remove or "expunge" criminal records, sealing criminal records. Also see Background Checks for Employment.
Probation, Parole, Incarceration Plea arrangements and the sentencing of criminal defendants to probation, parole requests, hearings, probation and parole violations.
Criminal Procedure, Criminal Court Criminal procedure in criminal court, beginning from search and seizure, Miranda warning, warrants and arrests by the police. Following is arraignment and bail. If necessary are criminal trials,...
Justice System, Criminal Lawyers Issues concerning officers of the court and their conduct including criminal defense lawyers, retainer agreements, court appointed lawyers and how to obtain representation, judges, ineffective...
Employment, Labor, Work Issues Work related legal matters including hiring & background checks, problems at work like discrimination, harassment & disability based on gender and race, including FMLA & medical...
Human Resources Discussion of issues concerning Human Resources departments and professionals HR Forums
Independent Contractors & Consultants Legal issues concerning "freelance" jobs or private contractors - work performed by someone who is not an employee. Also includes artists, musicians, renovators, designers and craftsmen.
Unemployment Insurance & Benefits Eligibility and requirements for unemployment benefits, how to apply, denial of benefits, duration, extension.
Workers Compensation Injuries caused in or suffered as a result of the workplace, workman's compensation law, how to file a claim, qualification, disputes and awards.
Elder Law, Medicaid & Disability Other issues concerning estate planning and administration including elder law issues concerning people growing older, medicaid, disability, medicare.
Estate Planning, Creating Wills & Trusts General estate planning including financial planning, the requirements for and how to create a will or a trust and other documents.
Estate Administration & Probate Court Administration of an estate, handling probate court, whether the estate needs to pass through probate, distribution of assets to heirs, payment of expenses to creditors.
Power of Attorney & Living Wills How to create and draft a power of attorney or a living will document, the different types of instruments and the powers and rights they grant, how to limit powers or revoke them.
Children & Juvenile Law Legal matters concerning children: Child support and child custody, visitation, adoption, child neglect and abuse, paternity, DNA tests, emancipation and adoption.
Other Family Law Issues Legal issues arising from engagements and living together, how to legally formalize a marriage, name changes, guardianship and disability, Elder Law and also domestic violence and restraining orders.
Divorce, Separation & Annulment The process of terminating a marriage, annulments, legal separation that may be required prior to a divorce decree, alimony and spousal support, division of property and mediation. Divorce Forums
Constitutional Law & Civil Rights Issues concerning the Constitution, rights and freedoms, violations of personal civil rights.
Military Law Law, regulations and benefits concerning the military, the army, navy, air force, marines and coast guard, recruiting and enlisting, criminal matters, military court, military benefits and... Military Forums
Taxation Tax law, personal and business taxes, tax returns, the IRS, state and local taxes. Tax Forums
Education Law, School System Law and regulations pertaining to the educational system, the public school system, special needs issues including qualification and testing, special education, also includes private schooling...
Social Security, Disability & Health Social Security law, disability and health government benefits and programs, SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance).
Other Governmental Matters Any other matters pertaining to government and governmental law, requirements and eligibility for government grants, public assistance programs, small business, welfare, voting and election law.
Cultural, Training, Student Visa Education and student visa (F1, F2, F3), OPT, cultural program (J1, J2), vocational and technical school (M1).
Green Card, Residency, Naturalization Legal matters concerning Green Card issues arising after permanent residency is established and the naturalization process to obtain U.S. Citizenship.
Visiting the U.S., Passports Visiting the U.S., tourist visa (B1) medical treatment (B2), passport, port of entry and visa waiver.
Investment, Work Visa Work Visas (B1, B2, H1B, H2A, H2B, H3), intracompany transfer visa (L), Ability & Achivement(O, P1, P2), trade and investor visa (E), G Visa, TN Visa for Canadian and Mexican workers.
Family Immigration, Fiancee & Marriage Visa Family-based immigration, K1 Visa (Fiance - Fiancee) K2 (children) K3 (Marriage) IR-1/CR-1 Spousal Visa.
Immigration Issues Concerning immigration status and applications including criminal records and crime in moral turpitude (CIMT), overstay, unlawful presence, unlawful entry, deportation, reentry, I-212 admission,... Immigration Forums
Automobile & Car Insurance Obtaining insurance for motor vehicles, making insurance claims and dealing with insurance companies, matters concerning uninsured vehicles and motorists.
Homeowners, Fire, Casualty Homeowners insurance and affect the home such as fire, storm, tornado, earthquake and natural disaster insurance.
Health Insurance, HMO, HIPAA & Disability Obtaining health insurance coverage, policies, HIPAA, HMO programs, long term disability insurance and other legal issues concerning healthcare insurance.
Life Insurance, Annuities & Other Coverage and legal issues concerning life insurance, annuities, homeowners insurance, commercial insurance policies, shipping.
Internet & Social Media Law Law concerning cyberspace, frequently copyright law, includes eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Linked-In, online dating, spam email, online auctions, online deals.
Copyright, Trademark, Patent Law Legal protection of creations - copyright ("works of authorship" such as books, music, movies and software), trademark (brands, logos, slogans, business identity), patent (inventions)....
Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative dispute resolution "ADR" includes arbitration and mediation. It is usually quicker and cheaper than in-court litigation. Includes collaborative law, AAA, JAMS and is used for...
Expert Witnesses & Investigators Issues concerning expert witnesses, private investigators, hiring, in-court testimony, the need for experts, evidentiary matters.
Law School & Careers in Law Matters concerning law students, careers in law, paralegal training and licensing, legal secretaries, other jobs in law and law enforcement, law outline exchange.
Small Claims & Municipal Court Small claims courts and municipal courts with a low dollar value. Usually covers general civil claims that are under $10,000 and may be settled in one or a limited number of hearings.
Civil Court, Procedure & Litigation Issues concerning civil litigation - how to start a lawsuit, answer a complaint, respond to a summons, service, subpoenas, and discovery, motion practice.
Judgement Enforcement & Collection Issues concerning enforcing a judgment, collective damages won after trial, information subpoena and restraining orders, wage garnishment, asset location and recovery.
Lawyers, Legal Practice, Ethics & the Bar The practice of law, operating and managing a law firm, ethics, state law licensing, continuing legal education and issues concerning the state and local bar associations.
Buying, Selling & Financing Real Estate Law and legal issues concerning the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate, including financing, mortgages and foreclosure as well as condo and co-op matters.
Ownership & Title Legal issues concerning ownership of real estate and title to real property. Includes boundary disputes, adverse possession and easements, zoning and eminent domain, title and deeds including...
Commercial Landlord & Tenant Issues All issues concerning commercial property being leased by a landlord to a tenant including lease agreements, security deposits, utilities, cost of living increases and eviction.
Eviction, Recovery of Premises Regulation and the process of eviction of a tenant by a landlord. Includes 3 day notice, holdover eviction, non-payment of rent and injunctive measures such as the Yellowstone Injunction.
Moving In & Out, Movers Legal matters concerning moving in and moving out of a premises including issues with movers and moving companies, the landlord and the managing agents.
Living in, Use of the Premises Landlord tenant issues concerning the use of the rental property such as quiet enjoyment (undisturbed use of the leased property) and noisy neighbors, rent, utilities, living conditions, repairs,...
Rental Agreements & Subleases Drafting and understanding rent and lease agreements, including any additional lease agreements concerning the same property (sublease) by the original tenant to another tenant (subtenant).
Roomate & Joint Leases Matters concerning roommates or housemates including where multiple tenants sign one lease and are responsible for lease obligations as joint leaseholders and tenants.
Security Deposits Issues concerning the amount a landlord may hold as a security deposit, treatment of security deposits by a landlord and the timely return of security deposits.
Other Residential Landlord & Tenant Issues Any other Landlord & Tenant issue not covered.
Lawyers Club India Corporate Law Corporate Law QnA, Corporate Law query, Corporate Law help, Corporate Law discussion
Civil Law Civil Law QnA, Civil Law query, Civil Law help, Civil Law discussion
Constitutional Law Constitutional Law QnA, Constitutional Law query, Constitutional Law help, Constitutional Law discussion
Criminal Law Criminal Law QnA, Criminal Law query, Criminal Law help, Criminal Law discussion
Family Law Family Law QnA, Family Law query, Family Law help, Family Law discussion
Labour & Service Law Labour & Service Law QnA, Labour & Service Law query, Labour & Service Law help, Labour & Service Law discussion
Legal Documents Legal Documents QnA, Legal Documents query, Legal Documents help, Legal Documents discussion
Intellectual Property Rights Intellectual Property Rights QnA, Intellectual Property Rights query, Intellectual Property Rights help, Intellectual Property Rights discussion
Property Law Property Law QnA, Property Law query, Property Law help, Property Law discussion
Taxation Taxation QnA, Taxation query, Taxation help, Taxation discussion
Students Students QnA, Students query, Students help, Students discussion
Others Others QnA, Others query, Others help, Others discussion
Local Forums Local Forums QnA, Local Forums query, Local Forums help, Local Forums discussion
Judgments Judgments QnA, Judgments query, Judgments help, Judgments discussion
Legal Beagles Court Claims and Issues Received a Pre-Action letter ? Taking Court Action ? Received a Court Claim? Post here for help and support.
Letter Before Action
Received a Court Claim? If you have received a court claim and would like some help and support dealing with it, please read the first steps and make a new thread in the forum with as much information as you can.
Cabot Financial
Bringing a Court Claim?
Business, Sole Traders & SME's All issues relating to running and managing a small / medium sized business. Legal and financial issues.
Consumer and Civil Rights Sale of Goods Act
Civil Recovery Issues
Education Student Finance
General Education Issues
Employment Law Unfair Dismissal, Redundancy, Problems with Pay, Contract Issues.
Family Law and Relationships Divorce, Children, Family issues.
Scotland Issues and queries regarding the law in Scotland
General Legal Issues All other issues
Housing, Property and Neighbours Tenancy, Mortgage, Conveyancing, Planning and Possession. Council Tax.
Conveyancing Issues
Council Tax Issues
Motoring and Parking Vehicle Finance, Car Parking Tickets and DVLA issues
Vehicle Finance and Issues Finance Agreemnents, Voluntary Termination and Consumer Right Act issues.
Drink/Drug Driving Offences Drink & Drug Driving Issues
Parking Issues, Charges & Tickets Private Tickets, Parking Eye, Civil Enforcement etc
Personal Injury Injured at work ? Accident ?
Copycat - 'Unofficial' - Third Party Website Issues
IT Issues Problems with your computer?
Scam Listings on Ebay, Gumtree and Autotrader
Telecoms Mobile, Landlines, Broadband, Internet, Cold Calling and Harassment.
Utilities Gas, Electric, Water issues.
Wills,Probate and Bereavement End of Life, Funeral costs, Power of Attorney, Care homes, dealing with debts issues.
General Money & Debt Issues All general debt and money issues.
Bailiff Help ( Enforcement Officers ) Bailiff Help Forum for issues with enforcement agents
Bankruptcy & Statutory Demands Statutory Demands, Considering or being threatened with Bankruptcy, please post in here.
Banks and Building Societies Forum for issues specific to banks and building societies
Catalogues Problems with catalogues and credit accounts.
Claims Management Companies Use of, and problems with, claims management companies and information from the FCA, CMC Ombudsman, Ministry of Justice & LEO. Find information, and leave reviews, about CMC's on LegalBeagles
Credit Cards / Store Cards Issues dealing with credit cards and store cards - companies such as Barclaycard, NewDay, Citicard, MBNA, Capital One and Vanquis.
Credit Unions
Consumer Credit Act
CRA's - Credit Reference Agencies Discuss issues with CRAs here. Experian, Equifax etc . Default removal and other issues.
Debt Collection Agencies
Debt Management Plans Looking at starting a DMP ? Problems with your debt management company ?
Loans & Brokers
PayDay Loans / Short term Loans
Pensions Pension Forums
Reclaiming Forum for issues around reclaiming missold or unfair products / fees or claiming compensation
Social Welfare, Health and Benefits Disability, JobSeekers, Medical and general welfare issues.
Legal Junkies Law News Breaking law news and events.
Crimes and Trials News Latest U.S. crime and trials news.
China News Economy, Politics, Society, Regulation and Reform -- News by
FBI and Updates News and features from the U.S. government, FBI and other government agencies
International Law News Legal news and events around the world.
Class Actions and Defective Products
Injury and Worker's Compensation
Car Accident Claims Including auto, motorcycle, truck, bus and bike accidents.
Insurance Issues Including property, health, auto and life insurance. Insurance Forums
Attorneys and Legal Ethics Lawyer ethics, practice of law, malpractice, etc.
Civil Litigation All matters concerning litigation, motions, subpoenas, testimony, appeals, general practice, etc.
Courts, Decisions, Appeals Issues concerning a specific court or adjudication system, arbitration, etc.
Small Claims Courts General civil claims that are under $10,000. Suing or defending usually without a lawyer.
Consumer Bankruptcy Bankruptcy issues including Chapter 7 and 13. Protection from claims of creditors.
Debt Collection Debt collection statutes, state and federal law, etc.
Business Contracts and Partnerships Oral and written contracts, corporate partnership, partnership agreements, transactions, disputes, litigation, etc.
Consumer Complaints Consumer disputes include disputes over goods and services.
Arrests, Searches, Seizures Arrests, searches including person and car, seizure of contraband, etc.
Tax Issues Tax Forums
Traffic and Speeding Tickets
Drugs Charges
Child Custody and Support Child custody, support and visitation.
Divorce, Separation, Annulment All issues concerning dissolution of a recognized relationship. Divorce Forums
Domestic Violence and Abuse Violence and abuse issues in relationships, protective orders, etc.
Other Family Law Matters
Medical Malpractice Negligent healthcare and malpractice lawsuits. Includes doctor, dentist, druggist, hospital and nursing home malpractice.
Immigration Law and Visas Immigration Forums
Naturalization and Citizenship
Green Card and EB-5 Issues
Deportation and Removal Issues
Copyright, Trademark, Patent
Internet Law Criminal and civil issues related to the Internet. Web site and email issues, spam, spyware, phishing, etc.
Online Purchases and Sales
Doing Business in China Laws regarding foreign investment and business in China.
International Law Issues Questions about international law issues.
Hiring, Firing, Wrongful Termination All matters concerning being hired or fired.
Job Discrimination and Harassment Discrimination and harassment in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender, disability, etc.
Salary and Workers Compensation Minimum wage laws, vacation pay, overtime, appropriate worker compensation, awards, arbitration, etc.
Starting a Nonprofit Questions and comments about starting a nonprofit organization.
Other Nonprofit Law Issues
Buying and Selling Property Buying and selling real estate property.
Landlord vs Tenant Issues Landlord and tenant issues, including rent, leases, non-payment, eviction, holdovers, summary proceedings, etc.
Other Real Estate Law Matters
Mortgages, Refinancing, Foreclosure
Construction and Renovation
Neighbor Law Fences, trees, water issues, unclear boundary lines, noise, barking dogs, problem with a neighboring business, etc.
Canada Law Forum LSAT (Law School Admission Test) Questions, study tips, and general discussion about the LSAT.
Students General
Articling General
Jobs OCIs, summer jobs, applying for articling. Job Forums
Ask a Lawyer Not a lawyer but have a question about what it's like to be one?
Practitioner General Discussion
Sole Practice
Civil Litigation
Criminal (Crown & Defence)
Family Family Forums
Immigration Immigration Forums
Labour and Employment
Public Law
Wills & Estates
Law News
Politics Political Forums
Aussie Legal CRIMINAL LAW, TRAFFIC MATTERS, DUI, ASSAULT, THEFT, FRAUD Assault, DUI, Drugs, Fraud, AVOs, Traffic Fines
FAMILY & DE FACTO LAW, FINANCIAL AGREEMENTS, CONSENT ORDERS Divorce, Consent Orders, Binding Financial Agreements
WILLS, PROBATE, LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION, POWERS OF ATTORNEY Wills, Power of Attorney, Probate, Letters of Administration
COMMERCIAL LAW, LITIGATION, CONTRACTS, IP, PROPERTY LAW Franchises, Leases, Litigation, Trusts, Building, Debts
DISCUSS LEGAL ISSUES THAT ARE OF A GENERAL NATURE Discuss legal issues that are of a general nature
IMMIGRATION LAW, STUDENT VISA, EMPLOYMENT VISA, PARTNER VISA Student Visa, Employment Visa, Partner Visa, 457 Visa
SUPER, MANAGED FUNDS, WEALTH, INSURANCE, SMSF, PENSIONS Super, Managed Funds, Wealth, Insurance, SMSF, Pensions
Top Law Schools Forum Law School Admissions Forum
Law School Personal Statements
LSAT Prep and Discussion Forum LSAT Forums
Law School Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists
Law School Visits
Ask a Law Student / Graduate
Ask a Law Student
Legal Employment
Judicial Clerkships
Small & Midsized Firms
Alternative Careers
Lateral Moves
Asian Lawyers and Law Students
Legal News/Law Firm Gossip
Free Help and Advice from Professionals
CA Club India LAW 2
LAW LAW QnA, LAW query, LAW help, LAW discussion
Mineral Rights Forum Law & Legal You’re at the Law & Legal Category. Discussion of legal issues and the law surrounding mineral rights, their ownership and operations takes place here.
NZ Issues Community Law And Order Law and Order, Crimes and Sentences
Political Forum Law & Justice Law enforcement & government regulation.
US Message Board Law and Justice System
Debate Politics Law and Order The principles under which the world and its components operate; The enforcement of law, statutes, and social conventions
Irish Politics Justice
The Political Forums The Law and Justice Room
Democratic Hub Forum Federal Laws Passed Federal Laws Passed Discussion Forum & Message Boards on an advanced political community for liberals, progressives, independents & moderates.

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