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What is Linux Forum?
Are you new to Linux and looking for a place to learn and discuss the Linux operating system? The Linux Forums are where you can share your thoughts and queries about Linux. Learn about the different types of Linux distributions and what Linux is used for most. Meet Linux experts and ask any questions you have about the operating system in the Linux Forums. Join the discussions and talk with other Linux beginners about security, installation, networking, and more. Share details about any technical issues you face and get help from Linux experts.

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Here are 20 Best Linux Forums you should follow in 2023

1. Linux Questions

Linux Questions offers a free Linux forum where Linux newbies can ask questions and Linux experts can offer advice. Topics include security, instal...lation, networking and much more.more
6.2K 20 posts / day View Recent Threads

2. Reddit » Linux Questions

Reddit » Linux Questions San Francisco, California, US
Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests.
1.7M 1.2M 27 posts / day Nov 2009 View Recent Threads

3. Arch Linux Forums

Arch Linux Forums Arch Linux Forums is a place where issues related to the installation of the Arch Linux operating system can be discussed.
29 posts / day View Recent Threads

4. Linux Mint Forums

Linux Mint Forums This is an online community where you can discuss all things related to Linux Mint. Get quick answers to questions about finding your way around Linux... Mint as a new user. Also, writing shell scripts and bash here.more
9 posts / day View Recent Threads

5. Forums Forums New to Linux? Feel free to post here for installation help and other topics. Find discussion related to tools like Kubernetes, terraform, docker, and ...ELK, and ask questions on Linux networking, Linux gaming, Desktop, and more here.more
1.4K 30 posts / quarter View Recent Threads

6. Kali Linux Forums

Kali Linux Forums Read all the latest updates, features, and tools on this official forum of Kali Linux. Find new releases, virtual machines, build scripts on Kali, dev...elopment, and installation guides here. Kali Linux is an open-source, multi-platform distribution geared towards various Information Security tasks.more
99.1K 357.2K 10 posts / week View Recent Threads

7. Linux Lite Forums

Linux Lite Forums New Zealand
Linux Lite is a free easy to use linux based operating system that is suitable for people who are new to linux.
6.4K 3.9K 1 post / day View Recent Threads

8. NixCraft Linux/Unix Forum!

NixCraft Linux/Unix Forum! A place for Linux and Unix users to discuss sysadmin and cloud computing topics.
326.3K 325.3K 3 posts / week View Recent Threads

9. BunsenLabs Linux Forums

BunsenLabs Linux Forums BunsenLabs is a free operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux and the openbox window manager.
443 690 2 posts / week View Recent Threads

10. The Linux Community Forum

The Linux Community Forum UK
Welcome to the Linux community. If you use Linux in UK then this site is for you. Discuss and share all the live information about Linux in the commun...ity.more
20 posts / month View Recent Threads

11. elementaryOS Linux Forums

elementaryOS Linux Forums We all love our beautiful elementaryOS Linux Desktop. Such amazing and simply powerful at the top of an Ubuntu core. These forums are the non official... community hub to help each other and discuss threads.more
1 46.4K 6 posts / month View Recent Threads

12. Spiceworks » Linux Forum

Spiceworks » Linux Forum Austin, Texas, US
A help and support forum for IT pros working with Ubuntu, Debian, or other flavors of Linux. Join millions of other IT pros and sharpen your skills.
49.6K 33.4K 5 posts / week View Recent Threads

13. Reddit » Linux, GNU/Linux

Reddit » Linux, GNU/Linux San Francisco, California, US
A subreddit to discuss all things Linux and GNU/Linux. This is neither a community exclusively about the kernel Linux, nor is exclusively about the GN...U operating system.more
1.7M 1.2M 13 posts / day Jan 2008 View Recent Threads

14. Linux Config Forum

Linux Config Forum LinuxConfig's forum is the best source for finding help or getting troubleshooting advice related to the GNU/Linux operating system's usage, c...onfiguration or administration in general from a community of experts.more
1 post / week View Recent Threads

15. Linux Solved

Linux Solved Linux Solved is a forum where you can discuss anything about various linux development project and programming.
2 posts / month View Recent Threads

16. The UNIX and Linux Forums

The UNIX and Linux Forums UNIX and Linux Forums is a place where we provide free Linux and UNIX shell scripting, system administration and other programming help.
24.3K 69.1K 1 post / year View Recent Threads

Additional Forums

  1. Linux Foundation Forums is the place to talk about Linux. Linux Foundation provides a neutral, trusted hub for developers to code, manage, and scale open technology projects.

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Linux Questions Forum Linux - Newbie
Linux - Member Desktop Screenshots
Linux - Networking Computer Networking Forums
Linux Questions Linux - Software
Linux - Games
Linux - Kernel
Linux - Hardware
Linux - Embedded & Single-board computer
Linux - Laptop and Netbook
Linux - Mobile
Linux - Security
Linux - Server
Linux - Desktop
Linux - Wireless Networking
Linux - Distributions
Linux From Scratch
Red Hat
Zorin OS
elementary OS
Linux - Virtualization and Cloud
Linux - Screencasts and Screenshots
Linux - Containers
Linux - General Member Success Stories
Linux - Certification
LQ Articles Discussion
LinuxAnswers Discussion
Linux - News
Syndicated Linux News
Linux - Enterprise
Solaris / OpenSolaris
Other *NIX
Linux User Groups (LUG)
Arch Linux Forums Installation
Kernel & Hardware
Applications & Desktop Environments
Laptop Issues
Networking, Server, and Protection
Multimedia and Games
Arch Linux Guided Installer
System Administration
Other Architectures
Announcements, Package & Security Advisories
Arch Discussion
Forum & Wiki discussion
Pacman & Package Upgrade Issues
Repo Forum
Creating & Modifying Packages
AUR Issues, Discussion & PKGBUILD Requests
GNU/Linux Discussion
Community Contributions
Programming & Scripting
Other Languages
Artwork and Screenshots
Linux Mint Forums Beginner Questions
Installation & Boot
Software & Applications
Hardware Support
Graphics Cards & Monitors
Printers & Scanners
Virtual Machines
Desktop & Window Managers
Other topics
Non-technical Questions
LMDE Forums
Beginner Questions
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Gaming Gaming Forums
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Chat about Linux Mint
Chat about Linux
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Laptops / Netbooks Laptop Forums
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Linux Security Announcements (Automated)
Single board computers
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Linux Beginner Tutorials
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Linux Original Content
Linux Articles
Linux Basics
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Linux Networking
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Shell / Command Line
Linux Video tutorials
Kali Linux Forums Installing Kali Linux
Kali Linux TroubleShooting
Kali Linux General Questions
Community Generated How-Tos
Community Projects
Building Custom Kali Images
Kali Linux ARM Architecture
Kali Linux Development
Community Feedback
Installing NetHunter
NetHunter How-Tos
NetHunter General Questions
NetHunter Suggestions
Building NetHunter
NetHunter Development
App Store
Linux Lite Forums Release Announcements
Suggestions and Feedback
On Topic
Off Topic
Security & Bug Fixes
Installing Linux Lite
Installing Software
UEFI Secure Boot
Games Support
Video Cards
Printing and Scanning
Hard Drives and SSDs
Start up and Shutdown
Linux Lite Software Development
Desktop Customization
NixCraft Forum Linux
IT (Hardware/Server/Networking)
nixCraft Articles
Single Board Computers
BunsenLabs Forums Tutorials
Development & Suggestions
Basic Help & Support
GUI & Applications
Multimedia & Games
Kernel & Hardware
System Administration
Help & Support (Other)
Scripts, Tutorials & Tips
Artwork & Screenshots
BL & General Linux Discussion
Off Topic
The Community Forum Linux Support
Hardware Compatibility
Internet Connectivity
Linux Tips & Tricks
Linux Solutions
General Discussion
News and Events
elementaryOS Forum elementary News
Newbie Questions
Software & Applications
Hardware Support
Linux Config Forum Linux Beginners / Newbie
Linux Desktops
Linux Programming & Scripting
Linux Multimedia
Linux Networking & Security
Linux Database Administration
Linux Server Administration
Linux Virtualization
Linux Printing
Linux Career
User's Tips, Tricks & Notes
General Linux Help
Specific Errors and Solutions
Uncategorized Articles
Linux Foundation Forums LFX Mentorship: Linux Kernel
Cloud Engineer Boot Camp
Advanced Cloud Engineer Boot Camp
DevOps Engineer Boot Camp
Cloud Native Developer Boot Camp
LFC110 Class Forum
LFD102 Class Forum
LFD103 Class Forum
LFD121 Class Forum
LFD201 Class Forum
LFD232 Class Forum
LFD254 Class Forum
LFD259 Class Forum
LFD271 Class Forum - Discontinued
LFD272 Class Forum
LFS200 Class Forum
LFS201 Class Forum
LFS207 Class Forum
LFS211 Class Forum
LFS216 Class Forum
LFS241 Class Forum
LFS242 Class Forum
LFS243 Class Forum
LFS244 Class Forum
LFS250 Class Forum
LFS253 Class Forum
LFS258 Class Forum
LFS260 Class Forum
LFS261 Class Forum
LFS262 Class Forum
LFS263 Class Forum
LFS264 Class Forum
LFS266 Class Forum
LFS267 Class Forum
LFS268 Class Forum
LFS269 Class Forum
LFS272 Class Forum
LFW211 Class Forum
LFW212 Class Forum
I/O Devices
Printers & Scanners Printer Forums
Linux Mint
Red Hat Enterprise
Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Forums
Command Line/Scripting
Linux Security
Network Management
System Management
Web Management
Operating Systems
Getting Started with Linux
Small Talk
Study Material
Kernel Development
Software Development
Command Line
All In Forum
Windows Forum Linux Forums
PCMech Community Forum Linux OS and Software Assistance Need help with Linux or software running on Linux? This is your place.
Nikon Cafe PC/Windows/Linux Discuss your computer here. Troubleshooting and general computing questions.
Tech Guy Linux and Unix The hot OS of choice for those seeking an alternative to the status quo.
Tech Republic Linux
Tech Support Forum Linux Support Linux - Operating Systems and Applications Support
Techist Linux and Open Source Talk about Linux, BSD, and other UNIX OS on the desktop or as a server. Also for open source software in general.
Tux Forums Linux Linux development and discussions
Hacker Sploit Linux HackerSploit Forum - A Community Of Hackers & Security Professionals
EDAboard Linux Software
Kitz Forum Linux Linux
India Broadband Forum Linux

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