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What is Music Forum?
A Music Forum is for everything music! It is where musicians, singers, composers, music teachers and students, and music enthusiasts can talk about their favorite songs, the music industry, and everything in between. As a musician, you can share your recording on a music forum, talk about your favorite songs or instrumental pieces, talk about your self composed work and provide advice to new musicians. The Music Forums will help you find out about new artists, learn about musicians from the past, inform you about interesting music genres, introduce you to other musicians like yourself and more.

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Here are 35 Best Music Forums you should follow in 2023

1. Music Banter

Music Banter Music Banter is a highly engaging community of countless music addicts. Review the new age and old school music, talk about legendary or raising artis...ts, famous & forgotten genres, and everything in between.more
15 posts / week Jan 2004 View Recent Threads

2. Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Steve Hoffman Music Forums Los Angeles, California, US
Steve Hoffman Music Forums is a place to discuss music. Be it your favorite recordings, the mastering work of SH, or anything else related to music, t...he community welcomes all and every perspective, taste, and opinion.more
5K 30 posts / day View Recent Threads

3. Songstuff Forum

Songstuff Forum UK
Songstuff welcome musicians, songwriters, bands, and those interested in roles within the music industry to their forum. Members of all levels of expe...rience, from enthusiastic amateurs to semi-professionals and seasoned professionals, can take part in community conversation.more
2K 2K 3 posts / day View Recent Threads

4. Magle International Music Forums

Magle International Music Forums Denmark
Magle International Music Forums is an open community for music lovers, musicians, and composers. Discuss genres like classical, electronica, and rock..., read reviews of compositions, fusion, or crossover music and have general music debates.more
721 8 posts / week View Recent Threads

5. Experimental Music Forum

Experimental Music Forum Have a conversation on the well-rooted expressions of Experimental Music on this forum. Share your favorite or currently listening songs and have disc...ussions on instruments, equipment, and more with others.more
4 posts / month View Recent Threads

6. Talk Classical Forum

Talk Classical Forum Talk Classical community is all about classical music conversations. Here you can post and comment about leading musicians, new releases, top hits, in...dustry gossip, and the evolution of classical music through eras. Talk about classical music for orchestra, ballet, opera and and learn about music theory.more
16 posts / day View Recent Threads

7. Chandrakantha

Chandrakantha Chandrakantha is a music forum dedicated to traditional/classic Indian music. Discuss various aspects of Indian Music here with other listeners & danc...ers, and talk about authentic Indian melody instruments. Talk about Indian melodic instruments, percussion instruments and classical music in Indian films.more
1 post / day View Recent Threads

8. Blue Light » Music Discussion

Blue Light » Music Discussion Bluelight is an international, online, harm-reduction community and research portal. This section of the forum is a place for music freaks. Discuss yo...ur favorite music with people of the same taste as you.more
2.5K 14 posts / month View Recent Threads

9. What Hi-Fi » Music Discussions

What Hi-Fi » Music Discussions London, England, UK
What hi-fi is the discussion forum about the latest and greatest in hi-fi and home entertainment products. This section of the forum is a discussion b...oard to talk about your favorite musicians and genres with people from all around the world.more
127.4K 46.1K 1 post / day View Recent Threads

10. Cakewalk » General Music Discussion

Cakewalk » General Music Discussion Singapore
This is an inclusive discussion area, intended to promote music-related discussions. Users of all experience levels and backgrounds can ask questions ...and share knowledge. By making your posts music-related, you help preserve the quality of these discussions.more
134.9K 13.9K 1 post / week View Recent Threads

11. SevenString » General Music Discussion

SevenString » General Music Discussion Post your youtube videos, ask for music instrument ideas, share your favorite songs, and more. SevenString offers space for music lovers to have conve...rsations based on bands, artists, styles, genres, and anything else that is related to music.more
415 5 posts / day View Recent Threads

12. Kanye to The

Kanye to The Kanye to The forum is edicated to Kanye West fans and enthusiasts. Come join the community and start talking about the music industry including hip-ho...p artists, their fashion, tours or styles, post videos, give reviews, and more.more
3.6K 16 3 posts / day View Recent Threads

13. Forum Chorus » Music Forum

Forum Chorus » Music Forum Music Forum is a dedicated community for music lovers by Forum Chorus to have conversations about all music-related topics. Talk here about bands, or ...albums, share your all-time favorite songs, and everything in between.more
5 posts / week Apr 2021 View Recent Threads

14. Progressive Ears

Progressive Ears Talk about what's new and what's trending in the music world with other community members, along with chart sales, the latest news, concert da...tes, labels, raising artists, lyrics, techniques, styles, and more only on Progressive Ears Forum.more
3.8K 4 posts / day View Recent Threads

15. Pulse Music Board

Pulse Music Board Pulse Music Board is your best source to stay updated on recent concerts, top hits, tours, and more. Converse with people of similar interests in folk... music, dance music, world hits, artists, and music eras.more
80 298 30 posts / day View Recent Threads

16. Digital Spy » Music

Digital Spy » Music This Music forum brought to you by Digital Spy is a place for fans of music & musicians to converse on topics related to the industry. Share insights ...on games about music, and talk about your favorite artists, records, or gigs.more
410.2K 168.5K 8 posts / week Jul 2001 View Recent Threads

17. FOTP Forum » Music News & Discussion

FOTP Forum » Music News & Discussion This section by FOTP is dedicated to discussions based on music news & trendy topics. Take part in conversations related to artists, new releases, and... hits, share general music news and post here your reviews.more
57.8K 6 posts / week View Recent Threads

18. Metal Music Archives Forum

Metal Music Archives Forum Metal Music Archives is a complete and powerful metal music community to discuss metal bands, specific metal music albums, artists, and sub-genres., you can make or seek recommendations and rate or review old or new releases.more
2.5K 1 post / day View Recent Threads

19. Classic Rock Forum

Classic Rock Forum Classic Rock Forum is for the old souls in the modern world. The forum offers space to discuss classic rock from the 60s to the 90s, along with favore...d genres of different eras. Also, post detailed album reviews, news, and current events here.more
727 1 post / week View Recent Threads

20. Ultimate Metal

Ultimate Metal Virginia, US
Talk about 80s Metal, pop culture, guitar & bass, and also read metal news, reviews, or interviews on all things metal at the Ultimate Metal, a metal forum hosting a range of discussion threads for metal music.more
6.4K 1.6K 5 posts / day View Recent Threads

21. Music Discussion

Music Discussion Tell everyone about the music you love and meet other members, share artists & your on-loop songs, post about your new favorite band/soloist, your albums/singles, and more on Music Discussion Forum.more
30 posts / year View Recent Threads

Additional Forums

  1. PG Music Forums Welcome to the PG Music Forums, post links to your original song compositions here for others to listen to, ask questions about songwriting and get tips, tricks & resources, discuss methods and gear for making music and so on.
  2. Sparks Forum Have questions about the band Sparks? or Know the answers? post here. Also, share pictures & trivia, conduct polls relating to Sparks, or talk about anything to do with Sparks.
  3. The Classical Music Guide Forums Learn, share and discuss traditional classical music here in this community. Find classical music guides, post about which classical music you are listening to today, share your thoughts on the concert you have been to, and much more.
  4. Music Pandit Forum Music Pandit is an online music school, learn and perform music with professional instructors, find resources, and discuss the technology that is designed to offer quality online music training.
  5. UKMix » Music Discussion Join the UKMIX forum, a place to discuss your favorite artists, song releases, and music production, listen to the latest albums & remixes, share your thoughts, and everything in between.
  6. Audigon » Music  Audiogon is providing a community for enthusiasts to talk all things music. Share here your music collections, post about your favorite lyrics & singers, ask for classical music suggestions, and more.
  7. 1010music Forum Join the 1010 music forum and get access to firmware updates, find out newsworthy information, and learn to access the latest firmware for your 1010 music hardware.
  8. GMG Classical Music Forum New to classical music? Need to find out more? Feel free to talk anything and everything about any classical topic on this board, ask any related questions from other members, and give suggestions.
  9. Acclaimed Music Forums Discuss about the most recommended albums and songs of all time, find Spotify links for songs and albums, suggest music genres to others, and more in Acclaimed Music Forum.

Music Subreddits

1. Reddit » Music

Reddit » Music San Francisco, California, US
Visit this musical subreddit, dedicated to musical mashups and music lovers where they can share music industry-related news, new releases, custom-made songs, audio, videos, and more.
1.7M ⋅ 1.2M ⋅ 30 posts / day View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

2. Reddit » Let's Talk Music

Reddit » Let's Talk Music San Francisco, California, US
Passionate about music? This subreddit is a great place to show your musical interest. Find here in-depth music discussions on different genres, bands, albums, and eras.
1.7M ⋅ 1.2M ⋅ 4 posts / day ⋅ Nov 2011 View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

3. Reddit » Listen To This

Reddit » Listen To This San Francisco, California, US
Help people discover new and overlooked music, discuss various aspects of music here with other listeners, and talk about top artists, albums, clubs, music genres, or everything related to music in this Reddit community.
1.7M ⋅ 1.2M ⋅ 779.5K ⋅ 16 posts / day ⋅ May 2009 View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

4. Reddit » Name That Song

Reddit » Name That Song If you want to identify or locate a song, artist, album, and genre, or help others do so, then the Name That Song community is your source. Ask other members to help find your favorite song or album name without knowing the lyrics or artist's name.
30 posts / day View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

5. Reddit » Indieheads

Reddit » Indieheads San Francisco, California, US
You can find conversations on everything Indie Music related in this subreddit. Indieheads features chats and posts from the newest releases & news to discussions on the history of alternative music.
Also in Indie Music Forums
1.7M ⋅ 1.2M ⋅ 14 posts / day ⋅ Dec 2013 View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

Music Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
Music Banter Album Reviews Album Reviews - Post your album reviews here
New Releases Ratings Forum New Releases Ratings Forum - Rate and discuss new and recent releases
Editors Pick Editors Pick - Selected threads highlighted here
Members Journal Members Journal - Create your own music journal here
Talk Instruments Talk Instruments - Guitars, drums...
Stereo & Production Equipment Stereo & Production Equipment - Pedals, Amps, Woofers, Mixers... Music Production Forums
Song Writing, Lyrics and Poetry Song Writing, Lyrics and Poetry - Develop your lyrics and poetry here and get reviews. Songwriting Forums
General Music General Music - Discuss anything general about music and songs
Soundtracks & Compilations Soundtracks & Compilations -
Name that Tune Name that Tune - Looking to piece together the artist or title of a song you heard? Try in here!
Punk Punk - Discuss the Punk scene
Hardcore & Emo Hardcore & Emo -
Rock & Metal Rock & Metal - Discuss Rock and Metal music Metal Music Forums
Rock N Roll, Classic Rock & 60s Rock Rock N Roll, Classic Rock & 60s Rock -
Prog & Psychedelic Rock Prog & Psychedelic Rock -
Rap & Hip-Hop Rap & Hip-Hop - Discuss Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, and all urban music. Hip Hop Forums
Pop Pop - Discuss Pop
Reggae & Ska Reggae & Ska - Discuss Reggae and Ska music. One love.
Indie & Alternative Indie & Alternative - Look here for an alternative to mainstream bands.
Jazz & Blues Jazz & Blues - Discuss Jazz and Blues.
Classical Classical - Discuss Classical music that's new and old. Classical Music Forums
Electronica Electronica - Discuss Techno, Trance, Electronic, House, etc. Electronic Music Forums
Country, Folk & World Music Country, Folk & World Music - Discuss Country, International and Folk etc.
Avant Garde/Experimental Avant Garde/Experimental - Discuss Avant Garde and Experimental music.
Soul & Funk Soul & Funk - Discuss Soul & Funk.
Sport & Recreation Sport & Recreation - Discuss sport, hobbies and pastimes.
Steve Hoffman Music Forums Music Corner The place to discuss music! Be it your favorite recordings, the mastering work of SH, or anything else related to music, this is the place to be.
Audio Hardware Discussions about all types of audio hardware, from vintage gear to the latest in hi-rez. Discussions regarding CD recorders, media, software, and tweaks are also to be found here.
Visual Arts Discussions about Movies & Television, DVDs, Photography (both digital and film). Basically, if you wish to discuss anything that can be seen, go here! Note: please keep discussions of...
Third Party Sales & Auctions Listings by members with eBay stores, business websites, listings on Amazon Marketplace, postings on Craigslist, personal sales on Audiogon, eBay, and Amazon, etc. can be found here. Links to...
Marketplace Discussions This forum is only for discussions about buying, selling and trading practices; eBay humor and advice; packaging and shipping; and other topics that are not actual buy/sell/trade/auction listings....
Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide This is the place to list and discuss brick and mortar stores. It is intended to be a guide for sources of music, movies, hardware, and repair services based on geographical location, not as a...
Coupons, Discounts & Sales Here you'll find links to online coupons, and information about discount codes and sales for both online and "brick and mortar" retailers.
eBay Watch
Magle International Music Forums Classical Music Forum A forum dedicated to "classical" music (from ancient and medieval music over baroque, classical, romantic and up to modern "avantgarde" / contemporary). If...
Non-Classical Music If it's not Classical, then it's Non-Classical. Just because it may have violins playing doesn't make it "classical",
Choral Forum A forum for discussing vocal music including lieder and choral works.
Pipe Organ Forum All pipe organ, organ music and organist related topics. You can also ask any questions you may have about these topics in here.
Electronic/Digital Organs For the discussion of electronic organs of all kinds, both home- and church organs, including hybrid pipe/digital organs and organ samples, synthesizers...
Fusion & Crossover Music Forum A place to discuss "crossover" and "fusion" music. E.g. crossovers between various genre such as classical music, jazz, rock, electronica, world music, etc.
Progressive Rock Music Forum A forum covering Symphonic and Progressive Rock Music (Prog-Rock), and related music genre.
Symphonic & Heavy Metal Music Forum A forum covering Symphonic- and Heavy Metal Music and all related metal music genre, including progressive metal, gothic metal, industrial, etc. Metal Music Forums
General Music Debate Forum A place for discussion of music related topics and genre not covered in the other forums, such as blues, soul, indie, folk, world music, ethnic, gothic...
Musical Instruments Forum Discuss, share your experience or ask any questions you may have about all kinds of musical instruments and instrument technique (For organ-related topics...
Movies & Film Music (Scores & Soundtracks) Forum Discussions and reviews of everything related to movies and film music.
Music Reviews Reviews of CDs, concerts and other musical events, written by members of Magle International Music Forums.
Architecture, Painting, Photography... ...Design, Sculpture, Drawing, Media and other related "visual" art forms. (English)
Composers & Musicians Connection A place for composers to get in contact with musicians from all over the world that wants to perform their works - and for musicians, conductors, singers... Music Composition Forums
Music & Web Site Reviews - Be Reviewed Show off your music or your website here for reviews by Magle International Music Forums staff & users. Only registered users with 10 posts or more can post...
Contemporary Classical Works A place for composers to showcase their classical music compositions, and receive feedback and reviews from other members of Magle International Music...
Other Announcements & Promotion Announce, promote, and advertise music and other arts! Also the place to post any CLASSIFIED ads (buy & sell).
Open Debate Forum For non music related topics. State your opinion about anything you like, but please keep a civil tongue. (English)
Community Center and Chat Forum This is a place for "chit chat", fun threads, birthday greetings, and much more... basically everything that doesn't fit in the other forums. (English)
Musikforum (Danish) Alt hvad der har med musik at gøre - inden for alle genrer, instrumenter, musikere etc.
Talk Classical Forum Classical Music Discussion General discussion about classical music and composers.
Classical Music Discussion Polls Classical Music Discussion Polls & Games
Identifying Classical Music Need help in identifying a piece of classical music? This is the forum area to place your questions and answers.If you need help in identifying a piece...
Solved Cases A storage venue for answered queries. Closed to further posting, but retained for future reference.
Religious Music Discussions about religious/sacred music. Discussions about the religious aspect of the music belong in the "Politics and Religion" sub-forum.
Politics and Religion in Classical Music Discussion of political, religious, and other potentially contentious topics in relation to classical music. This forum is for discussing the religious or...
Composer Guestbooks Leave your favourite a message!
Solo & Chamber Music Repertoire and general discussion regarding all sort of different solo and chamber music.
Orchestral Music Purely symphonic works discussion. Please use instrument specific forums for concertos and choral/orchestral works.
Ballet Everything about ballet
Opera Forum for discussing operas and operettas, as well as opera singers and related topics.
Opera on DVD, Blu-ray and CD A discussion forum devoted to Opera works that are now available on DVD/Blu-ray and CD type media.
Vocal Music Forum for discussing vocal music including lieder and choral works.
Music Theory Music theory is the study of how music works.
The Movie Corner: Music for Cinema and TV Discussion place for your favourite soundtracks and composers
Non-Classical Music Rock, hip-hop, pop, metal? Any non-classical genre music discussion.
Identifying Non-Classical music Need help in identifying a piece of non-classical music? This is the forum area to place your questions and answers.Many members would prefer not...
News, Concerts and Events Classical music news, concerts and events - write concert reviews, reports, or any news concerning classical music.
Classifieds Advertisements. Buy and Sell. As long as it's related to classical music...
Recorded Music and Publications Talk about publications, releases, recordings of Classical LPs CDs DVDs MP3s. Or maybe a clip of you playing your instrument!
Hi-Fi Forum for discussion of high fidelity (»hi-fi«) sound reproduction of classical music, and related topics. HiFi Forums
Musicians Talk about any musician, group, orchestra, choir - famous, legendary or just yourself 🙂
Conductors & Conducting A place for discussing conductors in general, and conducting methods/techniques.
Articles A collection of articles, interviews, and other resources published by Talk Classical.
Beginners Do you want to play a musical instrument or have you just started? This forum is the beginners lounge of musical instruments.
Strings Violin, viola, cello, double bass ... guitar? All stringed instruments discussions happen here.
Woodwind and Brass Discussions related to music of woodwind and brass.. Music, repertoire or instrument specific.
Percussion and Other Instruments Percussion, and all other, rare instruments, whether unknown, period, or world. Talk about it here.
Voice and Choir Singers, opera, choir ... all voice and choral music discussion goes here. Can you sing? Singing Forums
Keyboard Instruments Organ, Piano, Harpsichord ... Keyboard instruments (acoustic and electronic) related articles and discussions go here. Musical Keyboard Forums
Today's Composers For composers: Get help, critiques, and participate in our composition-projects. Are you a composer? Music Composition Forums
Off Topic Pub This is the place for those fun, and not so serious threads, birthday greetings, & general chit-chat. Above all, be respectful to your fellow forum members...
Pulse Music Board General Radio Discussion Radio Forums
Hot AC & Mainstream AC
AC Archive
Alternative, Rock & Triple A
CHR/Rhythmic, Urban & Urban/R&B
Urban/R&B News & Non-Singles Discussion
Christian & Gospel Gospel Music Forums
Country Country Music Forums
Country News & Non-Singles Discussion
Folk & Indie Folk Music Forums, Indie Music Forums
World Hits
Non-Radio Singles & Album Tracks
Chart Discussion
Let's Talk Business
Artist Discussion
Producers & Songwriters Music Production Forums, Songwriting Forums
Live Shows
Award Shows & Televised Events
Concert Reviews
Your Opinion Please?
The Polling Booth
Member Content
Personal Charts
Personal Reviews
Holiday Releases
News & Entertainment
Metal Music Archives Forum Metal Music Lounge General metal music discussions (no polls)
Metal Bands, Artists and Genres Appreciation Discuss specific metal bands and their members or a specific sub-genre
Metal Music Recommendations/Featured albums Make or seek recommendations and discuss specific metal music albums
Top 10s and lists List all your favourites here
Live Performance Reviews Performance Reviews by Members
Books and Miscellaneous Reviews Reviews of metal books, memorabilia, etc.
Metal Gigs, Tours and Festivals Announce (shows, dates and more) and discuss metal music events and bands touring (featured in home and artist page)
Metal Music News, Press Releases Submit press releases, news , new releases, metal music news and other interesting things happening in the world of metal music (featured in home and artist page)
News from Official Metal Music Suppliers A section for retailers to use to advertise their products
Metal Music Tribute Bands and Metal Music Radio News about Metal Tribute Bands and Radio Stations
Unsigned Bands For new metal bands with no official releases
Official ''Review Our Music'' Board Official artists representatives create new topic here to offer MMA members to get their music and review it on MMA
General Music Discussions Discuss and create polls about all types of music
Tech Talk Discuss musical instruments, equipment, hi-fi, speakers, vinyl, gadgets,etc.
Get The Word Out Promote your Metal shop, website, concert, book or CD...
General discussions Discuss any topic at all that is not music-related
General Polls Create polls on topics not related to music
Just for Fun Participate in trivia and knowledge games, share jokes, etc.
Ultimate Metal Forum Metal CD Heavy Metal CD Store
Metal Vinyl (LP) Heavy Metal related vinyl items
Guitar and Bass Guitar Forums
Recording, Mixing, Studio
Metal News
Metal News 2 Syndicated Metal News feeds
Metal Interviews
Metal Reviews
Unsigned Spotlights
Non-Metal Reviews
General Metal Discussion
GMD Social Forum
Band Recommendations Forum
Metal Concert Discussion Who did you see, where did you see it, how was it?!
Self-Promotion Promote your stuff here - websites, stores, bands, zines etc.
Old School Metal Discussion Talk about 80s Metal, Thrash and everything in between.
Musicians Discussion
New Metal Band Showcase
Non-Metal For discussion about the music that doesn't fall under the great Metal umbrella.
Your Reviews
Pop Culture
Trade / For Sale
All About Tech The web, computer games, and all manner of Geek talk!
The Philosopher
ProgPower USA
ProgPower USA Lounge
Divebomb Records
Laser's Edge
The Things We Are Not Supposed To Talk About
Nuclear Blast America
Pure Steel Records
Andy Sneap Only Sneap related posts
F.O.H. Production tips, techniques, tutorials...
Practice Room Promote your work, ask for feedback, offer mixing practice.
Merch Stand Gear for sale or trade, job offers, collaboration requests.
Bar Everything else.
Joey Sturgis General Discussion
Off Topic
Amorphis (Unofficial)
Amon Amarth
Anathema (Unofficial Fan Forum)
Billy Milano Not for the easily-offended.
Children Of Bodom
CoB Off-topic
Dark Tranquillity
General Discussion
Music Discussion
In Flames Non-official In Flames forum
Kayo Dot
Orphaned Land
Power Quest
Symphony X (Unofficial)
Musicians Corner
The Iron Maidens
Fan Discussion
Maiden Downunder
The Heavy Metal Scenes
European Metal Scene
Poland Metal Scene
UK Metal Scene
Classic Rock Forum Rock Lounge General Music discussions are posted here.
Name that Tune Do you need help identifying a song or artist of a song, then post your request here.
Videos Post up videos of the different artist you like in here.
Song and Band Battles This forum is for band and song comparisons with polls.
Book of Lists
Album Reviews
Album Combat Zone
Music News The place to post any news and current events in the music business.
Music/Concert DVD 's Discuss music and concert DVD's.
Musician's Corner
50's Music Discuss the vintage music of the 1950's.
60's Music Discuss your favorite classic rock and other music from the 60's.
70's Music Discuss your favorite classic rock and music from the 70's.
80's Music Discuss music from the 1980's.
90's Music
2000's Music Discuss music from the 2000's.
2010's Music New bands and artists of the 2010's.
Metal Discuss your favorite metal bands here.
Death/Doom/Black/Gothic Metal
Folk & Celtic Discuss your favorite folk bands, celtic bands, and traditional music.
Blues & Jazz Discuss you favorite Blues and Jazz artists and bands in this forum.
Progressive Rock Discuss your favorite progressive rock here.
Punk Rock/Garage Rock/Indie Rock Discuss your favorite Indie, punk, and garage rock artists and bands in this forum.
Classical Music Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary music, one of the highest forms of art humanity has ever achieved.
Everything else
Country Music YeeHaw! Anything country and bluegrass should be posted here.
Music Discussion General Music
Musicians Forum
Name That Tune
Jazz/Big Band/Easy Listening/Soft Rock
Rock/Classic Rock/Prog Rock/Blues Rock Music Forums
Hard Rock/Metal Metal Music Forums
Pop/Dance Pop Music Forums
Soul/R&B/Hip Hop/Rap
Country/Folk/Americana Country Music Forums
Electronic/Ambient/Techno/House Electronic Music Forums
Classical/Opera/Modern Classical/World Music Classical Music Forums
PG Music Forums User Showcase
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production
Woodshedding - Learning to Play!
I just heard Band-in-a-Box on YouTube
Best of YouTube Youtube Forums
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic)
Beginners Forum
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Band-in-a-Box VST and Pro Tools/AAX DAW Plugin (Windows)
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Band-in-a-Box VST/AU and Pro Tools/AAX DAW Plugin (Mac)
PowerTracks Pro Audio
Other PG Music Programs
UserTracks (and other add-ons)
UserTracks Wishlist
Post your own Tips and Tricks here
My Favorite Things
I want a video that shows me how to ....
Pre-Sales FAQ
Band-in-a-Box for Windows FAQ
Band-in-a-Box DAW Plugin for Windows FAQ
Band-in-a-Box for Mac FAQ
Band-in-a-Box DAW Plugin for Mac FAQ
RealBand for Windows FAQ
Other Products FAQ
Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
Songs to add to Band-in-a-Box Titles database
RealBand Wishlist
PowerTracks Pro Audio Wishlist
Styles and RealTracks Wishlist
Other Programs Wishlist
Sparks Forum Music Only
General Sparks Discussion
Sparks Live
Stuff and Nonsense
Sparks Polls
Open Tech Support
Classical Music Guide Classical Music Chatterbox
Corner Pub
Classical Concert Reviews
Films & Movies & Their Music
CMG Review of Books
GMG Classical Music Forum Name That Tune? Is there a piece of music you can't put a name to? Ask our members here.
Classical Music for Beginners New to classical music? Need to find out more. Feel free to post any questions or suggestions here - we have a great group of members happy to help.
General Classical Music Discussion Feel free to post anything and everything about any classical topic in this board.
The Polling Station Music related polls, for those that like them
Concert Announcements If you represent a music ensemble, orchestra or other group, feel free to announce upcoming events here.
Great Recordings and Reviews This board is for reviews and recommendations of great recordings.
Classical YouTube Video Library A collection of great classical performances.
Composer Discussion This board is for discussing the life and works of particular composers.
Opera and Vocal This board is for discussion of all vocal, opera and staged music, including ballet. Opera Forums
Composing and Performing Music Production Forums
The Jazz Lounge Blues, Bluegrass, Dixieland, Swing, Mainstream, Be-Bop, Avant-Garde, Fusion, Smooth and everything in between. Jazz Forums
The Diner Discuss anything, music excepted.
Buy, Swap and Sell Buy and sell your CDs, DVDs and other music on this board
Acclaimed Music Forum Music, music, music...
Critics' lists
EOY 2021
Updated lists
EOY 2020
EOD 2010s
EOY 2019
EOY 2018
EOY 2017
EOY 2016
EOY 2015
EOY 2014
End of year archive
Poll creations
General Discussion
Films, movies, motion pictures...
Testing Grounds
Experimental Music Forum Share your work
Experimental instruments, software, tools, techniques etc
Experimental audio news
Paranormal Forum Music
The Football Forum Music Venue
Talk Football 365 Forum Music
Art Forums Music & Film Share the music you've created or screenplays you've written! Anything regarding music, film, and screenwriting should be posted here.
The DeviantArt Forum Music
EB Art Forum Music
Able Here Forum Music Music forum for music. Discuss anything general about music...
Film Boards Music General
Killer Movies Community Music Discussion
Xbox Achievements Forum Music
Audi Sport Forum MUSIC & MOVIES
ThePhins Forums TV, Music and Movies From Foghat's latest release to the cinematic glory that was Dumb and Dumber, you'll find it here.
Windows Forums Music Your favourite music...
Cruise Club Forums Music
Audio Addicts Forum Music Discussion
HiFi Vision Music Review and discuss music on physical media & OTT audio streaming content.
What HiFi Music Discussions Found an incredible musical artist others may enjoy? Share the love!
NZ Issues Community Music New Zealand Music Forum
Speak Morroccan Music - Musique
OSRS Advice Music + Song Sharing Music + Song Sharing - MONTHLY CLAN LOTTO - 2M + CUSTOM RANK - MARCH - Complete Donor List: - Rank Removed? Read this! - Rank Transfers - How To Best Get Promo
Irish Gamers Music
Sat Universe Music
The Shaving Room Music and Media
Conservative Political Forum Music Music
US Message Board Music Chat about your favorite musicians, albums...
Book & Reader Music Talk about music. Classical or modern. Vinyl, CD or iPod. No links to illegal music downloads!
Hardware Zone Music SiG
VGR Forum Music Find out what your fellow gamers are listening to and share your own musical tastes on the VGR music forum.
IGN Boards Music
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AniDB Forum Music Looking for information about Music - Forum? AniDB is the right place for you. AniDB is a not-for-profit anime database providing you with all informa...
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All About Pocket Knives Forum The Music Forum This forum is for anything & everything music. Post & discuss your favorite songs, artists, instruments, collectibles or memorabilia. Feel free to share original works or covers if you play or perform. Forums Music The Most Recent Sponsor Announcements & Deals Threads  ...
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