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What is Reef Forum?
A Reef Forum is for individuals and hobbyists interested in reef fishes, corals, and saltwater aquariums. Here you can learn about caring for reef aquatic life and what are the best reef tanks for your fish. Know how to create a perfect replica of a reef in your aquarium. Check out the Reef Forums to ask questions on marine and saltwater aquariums, tank setup, and nutrition for your fish, and keep up with the latest reef research. Meet and talk with experienced aquarists, share your ideas, ask for advice, and learn more about marine and reef-keeping hobbies. Share pictures of your reef and saltwater aquarium, ask for tips, maintenance information, cleaning the tank, and more.

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Here are 20 Best Reef Forums you should follow in 2023

1. REEF2REEF Forum

REEF2REEF Forum Georgia, US
Reef2Reef is a friendly community of saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Discuss and ask questions relating to marine & saltwater, share your love for reef ...aquariums, corals, & fishes, learn to set up a saltwater aquarium, talk about aquarium nutrition, experiments & research, and help others with DIYs.more
196.3K 4.3K 30 posts / day View Recent Threads

2. is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. Public Forums, Aquarium Marketplace, Saltw...ater Aquarium Blog and Marine Aquarium Blog.more
147.2K 4.7K 30 posts / week View Recent Threads

3. The Reef Tank

The Reef Tank The Reef Tank is a bulletin board dedicated to provide a supportive, flame-free environment for beginning and experienced aquarists to share ideas, as...k questions, and learn about the marine and reef keeping hobby.more
131 551 7 posts / week View Recent Threads

4. Reddit » Reef Tank

Reddit » Reef Tank San Francisco, California, US
Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. This is a subreddit feed for everything related to Reef
1.7M 1.2M 30 posts / day Jul 2011 View Recent Threads

5. Singapore Reef Club

Singapore Reef Club Singapore Reef Club is Singapore's First & largest reefing community which aim to provide quality information about setting up and upkeeping a mar...ine reef aquarium.more
5.9K 852 5 posts / week View Recent Threads

6. NJ Reefers Club

NJ Reefers Club New Jersey Reefers Club is a non-profit educational society dedicated to the conservation of our ocean reefs. Meet the most knowledgeable garden speak...ers from New Jersey, and exchange ideas and information on marine aquariums, understand marine life diseases, talk about the tank materials, and expand your knowledge and ability to care for the inhabitants of aquarium systems.more
1.3K 234 3 posts / day View Recent Threads

7. Living Reefs

Living Reefs Welcome to Living Reefs, the friendliest reef aquarium forums on the net! Living Reefs is a reef aquarium discussion forum where you can discuss related to Saltwater Aquariums, Marine Fish & Coral Reefs come check us out!more
632 257 2 posts / quarter View Recent Threads

8. SoCaliReefs Forums

SoCaliReefs Forums SoCaliReefs is a premier online reefing community. This forum has a wide range of topics to discuss including local reefs, general reefs and livestock....more
2 posts / day View Recent Threads

9. Atlanta Reef Club

Atlanta Reef Club Atlanta's Premier Reef Aquarium Club is a place to discuss aquariums, Atlanta Aquarium,Reef Shac, arc marketplace etc.
8 posts / day View Recent Threads

10. ReefBase

ReefBase ReefBase is a Marine Fishkeeping & Coral Reef Aquarist Community Forum based in the UK. Join ReefBase for help & advice or to contribute your own know...ledge and experience of keeping a Marine Coral Reef Aquarium.more
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11. Austin Reef Club

Austin Reef Club An online discussion board for discussion of topics related to reef. Have discussions regarding reef keeping, tank builds, equipments and more.
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12. Chicago Reefs Forums

Chicago Reefs Forums This community is dedicated to all the reefers around Chicagoland area. At ChicagoReefs, all reefers, new and old, can come together to share their kn...owledge and learn from each other's experiences.more
1.8K 4 posts / month View Recent Threads

13. Reef Central Forums

Reef Central Forums Reef Central online community discussion forums for marine reef aquarists and saltwater aquarium hobby. Talk about marine fish, corals, inverts, plant...s and more.more
2 posts / day View Recent Threads

14. Reef Frontiers

Reef Frontiers Reef Frontiers is dedicated to bring the best information to marine reef aquarium hobbyists , with friendly forums filled with experienced reef keeper...s to libraries, webinars, galleries and much more.more
886 12 posts / year View Recent Threads

15. LaReef Club

LaReef Club Louisiana Reef Club is a friendly online community for saltwater and reef-keeping enthusiasts in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region. Have conversatio...ns regarding fish diseases & treatments, show off your pond builds & discuss outdoor aquaria, discuss all aspects of filtration, lighting, & modifications, and write about your experiences with reef-related products.more
416 6 posts / quarter View Recent Threads

16. 3reef Aquarium Forums

3reef Aquarium Forums Reef aquariums made easy with friendly reef aquarium forums. A forum to provide helpful information to beginner and veteran hobbyists alike and hopefu...lly save a few fish and coral along the way.more
1.3K 1.7K 1 post / week View Recent Threads

Additional Forums

  1. Nano-Reef Community Forums is the place to discuss saltwater reef aquariums, lighting, filtration, corals, fish, inverts and more!
  2. Captive Reefs Forum is a community of saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Our goal is to provide a friendly place to discuss and ask questions regarding maintaining marine and reef aquariums.
  3. Reef Central Online Community is dedicated to the marine reef aquarium hobby. Learn about reef aquarium setup and maintenance, and view coral and marine fish photos.

Reef Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
REEF2REEF Forums Reef Aquarium Discussion Aquarium Forums
Reef Chemistry by Randy Holmes-Farley Need some help with the chemistry aspect of your aquarium or have some knowledge you would like to share? Please start a new topic. This forum is moderated...
Reef Hobbyist Experiments and Research Forum A place where reef hobbyists can conduct, collaborate on, and discuss experiments and research to benefit reefing. These might include but are not limited...
Fish Only With Live Rock (FOWLR) Tank Discussion
Aquarium Nutrition Discuss the nutrition aspects of feeding fish, coral and inverts to keep them healthy and thriving.
Hitchhiker & Critter ID
Aquascape Discussion Aquascaping is as much an art as it is a science. Here's a forum for discussing all things related to aquascapes. Got tips to share? Post them here! Need...
Do It Yourself (DIY) DIY projects can save money and also be fun and interesting. Share your projects and learn from many others here. DIY Forums
Meet & Greet Forum
Lounge This forum is for off topic discussions.
R2R Secret Santa 2022 Welcome to the official 2022 Reef2Reef Secret Santa forum!! Join the fun for this year's holiday season and brighten someone's Christmas with a special...
General Equipment, Hardware, Filtration
Aquarium Lighting By Dana Riddle Discuss all topics pertaining to aquarium lighting. LED, Metal Halide, T5 etc.
Aquarium Controllers
Fish Discussion Discuss all topics related to salt water aquarium fish. Angelfish, Anthias, Basslets, Blennies, Butterflyfish, Clownfish, Damsels, Dottybacks, Eels, Gobies...
Fish Disease Treatment and Diagnosis A forum for discussing treatment and diagnosing saltwater reef fish.
Fish Breeding Forum This is the place to discuss and share about saltwater fish breeding. Got a question or want to talk about your experience? Please join in!
Anemone & Clownfish Discussion Discuss Ocellaris, Percula, Maroon, Tomato, Cinnamon, Pink Skunk, Clarkii, as well as designer clownfish such as Picasso, Snowcasso, Onyx, Platinum...
Predatory Fish Discussion This forum is for the discussion of predatory fish.
Seahorse/Pipefish Seahorse and Pipefish Discussion.
General SPS Discussion Discuss and post your questions about all SPS or Small Polyped Stony corals such as Acropora, Montipora, Stylophora, and all other hard corals.
General LPS Discussion Discuss and post your questions about all LPS or Large Polyped Stony corals such as Acans, Elegance, Doughnut, Candy Cane, Brains, Button, Hammers, Torch...
Soft Coral Discussion Discuss and post your questions about all Soft corals such as Toadstool, Kenya Tree, Mushrooms, Cabbage, Spaghetti, and all other soft corals.
Zoa Discussion (CLUB ZOA) Discuss and post your questions about all Zoas, Zoanthid or Colonial Polyp corals and Palys. (Rastas, Candy Apple Reds, Red Hornets, Dart Mauls, Purple...
Mushrooms (Corallimorpharia Kingdom) Mushroom Forums
Propagation, Packing, and Shipping Discussion Talk about propagation techniques, show of your prop setups, as well as packing tutorials and shipping advice.
Macroalgae (all types of desirable algae) This is the forum for discussing all types of macros (chaeto, caulerpa, gracilaria, halimeda, or any other kind of macro you can think of)! Need tips for...
Clams Talk about Tridacnid Clams and other Mollusks such as Crocea, Derasa, Maxima, Squamosa, and more.
General Invert Forum
Mantis Shrimp A place to talk about everything Mantis Shrimp
Member Tanks Show off your tank and document your progress.
Member Frag Tanks & Frags Systems
Large Aquariums 180g - 399g A forum for people interested in keeping large aquariums. This forum is dedicated to water volumes of 180 gallons to 399 gallons. Anything more is a monster...
Monster Tanks 400g+
Nano Reefs
All In One Aquariums (AIO) Discuss All In One aquariums like Red Sea, JBJ, Innovative Marine, Coralife, etc. AIO aquariums come with most everything you need to set up a saltwater...
Cube Aquariums For all you cube keepers!
Photography Forum This forum is for photography discussions, talk about equipment, techniques, or just show off. Photography Forums
Videography Forum This forum is for reef video discussions, talk about equipment, techniques, or just show off.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
Sponsor Livestock & Drygood Sales Check this forum out for direct sales from our Reef2Reef Sponsors.
Selling Forum (livestock) This forum is for selling coral, fish, and anything else that lives in our tanks.
Selling Forum (dry goods)
3D Printed & Handmade Aquarium Items
Trading Forum (livestock) This forum is for trading coral, fish, and anything else that lives in our tanks.
Trading Forum (dry goods) Please use this forum for trading any hardware or dry goods.
Wanted To Buy (livestock and dry goods) Post here if you are looking to buy certain corals or hardware and dry goods.
How to Price It? Not sure how to price something you're thinking about selling? Here's a place to get some opinions.
Group Buys Post here if you are setting up group buy or are interested in participating in a group buy.
Seller / Trader Feedback
Vendor Feedback Lets hear your feedback from any reef-related vendors.
Ocean Rescue Alliance Saving Our Oceans, One Reef at a Time!Conserving Coral Reefs Through Restoration, Research, Eco-Tourism, & Education
R2R Giveaway and Contest Forum This is where we will announce all giveaways and contest!
Reef Aquarium Spotlight
R2R Spotlight Series Here we spotlight coral, fish, shipping procedures and more.
Reef Aquarium Shows & Conference
Reef-A-Palooza: Orlando-New York-California-Texas
Florida Frag Swap: Weston & Tampa
Texas Coral Fest
Frag Swaps & Local Reefing Events
Local Reef Club Discussion
Global Local Reef Club Discussion Looking for some locals to share frags and info with? This is the place! Find a local club that meets in your area! If you want to add your club just...
Algae Barn
Aqua Illumination
Aquarium Care Center
Aquarium Specialty
Aqua SD
Aquatic Life
A Reef Creation
ArtFully Acrylic
AVAST Marine
Biota Marine
Black Label Aquatics
Buckeye Hydro
Bulk Reef Supply
BSA Corals
Cali Kid Corals
Champion Lighting & Supply
Cherry Corals
CoraroC by ReefDesigner
Corals Anonymous
Corals Kingdom
Cultivated Reef
D-D The Aquarium Solution
Deltec USA
Dinkins Aquatic Gardens
EcoTech Marine
eXact iDip
Fauna Marin
FirstChoice Aquatics
Fraghouse Coral
Geo's Reef
GHL Advanced Technology
Golden State Corals (GSC)
Hanna Instruments
Innovative Marine
Jason Fox Signature Corals
JBJ Aquarium
Jersey Corals
Legendary Corals
Living Reef Orlando
Neptune Systems
NY Aquatic
Octo Aquatics
Pacific East Aquaculture
Pieces of the Ocean
Premium Aquatics
Printed Reef
Quarantined Fish
Queen City Corals
Red Sea
Reef Breeders
Reef Builders
Reefkeeping Fundamentals Book
Reef Pro
Reef Raft USA
Riptide Aquaculture
SBB Corals
Sea Dwelling Creatures - Exotic Reef Imports
Tampa Bay Saltwater Live Rock
TCK Corals
Tenecor Aquariums
The ICP Lab
Tidal Gardens
Top Shelf Aquatics
Turbo's Aquatics
Ultimate Corals
Vivid Aquariums
Vivid Creative Aquatics
World Wide Corals
Zoanthids Saltwater Aquarium Forum General Discussion
Reefs for Beginners New to the reef aquarium hobby? How to start with your reef squarium.
Advanced Reefs Reef Aquarium topics for advanced and expert aquarists
Nano Tanks
Tank Threads A place for our members to show off all their hard work. Start your own tank thread today!
Chemistry Chemical activities in your reef aquarium and how to understand the chemical processes
Identification How to identify things in your new Reef Aquarium.
Coral, Rock and Sand Hitchhikers A forum where you may post your pictures and descriptions about flora and fauna you find in your tank. Find answers to the eternal questions of "What the...
Photography Mastering photographing reef aquarium inhabitants, macro photography, experimental photography Photography Forums
Reef Beef with Ben and Rich
Women in Reefing The fairer sex keeps a fairer reef
Fish Marine Aquarium and Saltwater Fish Fish Forums
Fish Breeding
Husbandry Animal Husbandry for reef aquarists
SPS Small Polyp Scleractinians are some of the most popular corals for home aquariums. They are very colorful and grow quickly.
Soft Corals
High End Coral Expensive, Rare, and One of a Kind Corals
Invertebrates Spineless Animals are our friends
Lighting Reef aquarium lighting, LEDs, Metal Halide, VHO, T5s
Equipment Reef aquarium equipment, drygoods, and systems
Filtration Maintaining higher levels of water quality with filtration equipment
Controllers & Monitoring
DIY (Do It Yourself!) DIY Forums
Parasites, Pathogens and Palytoxin There are many dangerous and strange things in your reef aquarium
Aquarium Science Scientific discussions about reefs and reef aquariums
Aquarium Industry Reef Aquarium Industry topics
SCUBA SCUBA Destinations and Training
For Sale/For Trade
Want to Buy
Group Buys Group Buys Organization Forum
Non-Reef Sales
Vendor Forums
Advanced Marine Aquatics
Aqua Reef Aquatics
Aquarium Care Center Aquarium Forums
Aquarium Specialty
Corals Kingdom
Cultivated Reef Farming coral for over 15 years!
Fauna Marin USA
Manhattan Aquariums
Out East REEFS
Pieces of the Ocean
Red Shark Aquarium
Reef Trends
Top Shelf Aquatics
Ultimate Corals We are your one stop shop for everything from $5 frags to full colonies. If your ever looking for something specific please don't hesitate to ask.
Unique Corals
World Wide Corals Welcome to World Wide Corals! If you’re looking to buy coral online, you’ve come to the right place. We are home to the best selection of saltwater aquarium...
Frag Swap & Club Announcements
Northeast Northeast USA - Saltwater Aquarium Discussion - Tri-State, New England
The Reef Tank General Reef Discussion In this forum we discuss issues related to keeping marine and reef aquariums in a friendly flame-free environment.
Must Reads and Common Problems Topics that TRT feels are a must read for those getting into the reefing hobby. Also a collection of common problems encountered when keeping reef tanks.
The THINK Tank We'll be debating reefing topics in this forum. Come ask the tough questions.
Tank Specs Please give us your tank specs, so when you ask a question we can look here if we need more information. Include tank size, equipment, and inhabitants.
Photography Forum Come here to ask questions about cameras, and how to take better pics of your tank. Don't forget to post your pictures in the Photo Gallery
TRT Member Blog's This forum contains member blogs to describe their tanks and log history of events and experiences.You can read anyone's blog, but you can only post in...
Freshwater Discussion
In The News Have a news item related to reefing that you'd like to contribute?
Reefing Equipment Discuss Lighting / skimmers / pumps, pretty much anything that helps us run our tanks
Nano Reefs Learn more about how to care for tanks of 20 gallons and less.
Large Systems Discuss the issues involved in tanks larger than 150 gallons here
DIY Forum Share those Do-It-Yourself projects and money saving tips with us here.
Anemones All things Anemone and Anemone fish (clownfish)
Clams Special forum just for you clam lovers, to ask and give advice on clams.
LPS Coral Forum Discuss "Large Polyped Stony" corals here
SPS Coral Forum
Soft corals
Reef Fish Fish Forums
Non Coral Dominated Systems A place to discuss fish/invert systems that are not centered around corals. Includes Fish Only/Aggressive tanks.
Seahorses & Pipefish
Livestock Breeding and Propagation
Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases Have a pest and need help getting rid of it, or found something cool and don't know if it's good or bad? Does a Critter have an odd spot? This forum is for you!
Algae ,good and bad Subforum includes: Pests and Diseases archive
Hitchiker, Pests, ID and warnings
Coral/Invert Archive Subforum includes Coral Disease Archive.
Tridacnid Clams/ snails/worms/stars and such
Member Classifieds
Off Topic Margaritaville Lounge
Special Events This is a forum for participating in the various events we have here at TRT.
Nano Build-Off 2007
DFW Reef Group (DFWRG)
La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society Our purpose is to enhance the hobby by promoting the exchange of information, equipment, and livestock. We are located in NE Florida within the Great City...
Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC) Our purpose is to enhance the hobby, and grow a community, by promoting the exchange of information, equipment, and livestock. We are located in SE...
TCMAS Twin Cities Marine Aquarium Society Club Forum
Singapore Reef Club Forum Red Sea
Support Red Sea Product Support Section
Red Sea Malaysia Red sea Support for consumer in Malaysia
Red Sea Video Latest Red Sea Product Videos  
SRC Contest and prizes section Check out the latet Contest and prizes give away section Here !  
SRC On YouTube
Members Tank & Specs Share & post your tank specification, setup details and tank photos here.
New to the Marine Aquaria Hobby If you are new to the hobby and would like to have some personalized attention, this is the forum to post your questions. Contains the "Setup of a marine tank", "the ID help" & "Nuisance Algae Help" forums.
Disease treatment/parasite/pest control Having livestock come down with sicknesses or having pest organism hurt other livestock can be heartbreaking. Take quick action with the right steps. Prevention is better than cure!
SRC Reefing Article
General Reefkeeping_ For the intermediate reef hobbyists to discuss about general reefkeeping.
LPS Coral forum Hard corals of the order Scleractinia & phylum Coelenterata - discuss your favourite LPS corals here!
SPS and Advanced Reefkeepers Forum For those who are obsessed with keeping beautiful SPS Hard corals 
Soft Coral Forum Soft corals of the order Alcyonacea! Softies lovers discuss your favourite button polyps, sea whips, gorgonians and Corallimorpharians such as mushrooms!
FOWLR (Fish-only with Live-rock) For those who keep marine fish only.
DIY Forum DIY Forums
Product Reviews Marine-aquaria related products can be reviewed here!
Sell off/Pasar Malam Shop
Swop Shop Got something else to Give away, trade or, frags, livestock? Or Looking for something to buy ( WTB)?  List your items here and then negotiate! DO NOT POST YOUR AQUARIUM PRODUCTS FOR SALES HERE or it will be remove and ban !
Weekly LFS Stocks Report / LFS Info Centre Join our Telegram weekly shipment broadcast ( ). This section is for report on livestock qty/quality and items of interests seen after your LFS visit so you can save your fellow hobbyists from wasted time and effort. Or post info like address, maps & contact details of all good marine LFS/farms as well as directions/public transport info.
LFS Directory Listings Need to find out more info about our Local Fish Shops (LFS) and Local Fish Farms (LFF)? It's all here! Join our weekly Telegram shipment broadcast (
New Jersey Reefers Club Share and Learn What is this forum for? This is where you can share how you overcame hair algae. How you defeated ich :). You can also tell everyone your experience on...
Drink Tank Challenge (pico)
Summer 2018 Frag Grow Out
Vendor Forum
General Discussion Feel free to talk about anything reef-related here.
Plans, Ideas & Reference Material for Starting a R First visit to the site? New to the hobby? This is the place for you!
Advanced Reefkeeping
Tale of the Tank Post your tank progress here from start to.....'s an ongoing process, isn't it?
Aquarium Keeper Screw Ups
Equipment Conversation Equipment related discussions
Open Water Leave the reef behind for some off topic discussion
Deals & Steals A place to keep the good deals (sale or trade) among "family" Deals Forums
First Aid
Marine Life Disease Discussion with Humblefish
EMERGENCY! Urgent care topics only, please. Many people will have this forum set to Notify, so be courteous and sparing with your posts in this forum.
Fish or FOWLR A place for Fish (stocking, feeding, health, etc) or FOWLR related questions.
SPS & LPS General discussion of Small-Polyp Stony (SPS) and Large-Polyp Stony (LPS) corals and their care
Leathers, Shrooms & Zoos General discussion of leather corals, mushrooms and zoos
Inverts & Anemones Posts regarding your Inverts & Anemones
Nanos (40g or less) A place for small talk
Photography Talk about photographic techniques (wink wink) and post your reef photos here! Photography Forums
DIY - Do It Yourself DIY Forums
Trading Forum
Want to BUY
The Chain Gang (Don't Break the Chain & Free to Go A dedicated forum for all of our DBTC & FTGH threads
Retailer Experiences Please give us your experiences with online and local NJ aquarium stores. Help those stores that serve the community faithfully excel, and those that...
Aquarium Care Center
Salgado Aquatics
Feng Reef Formerly "Red Sand"
Premium Aquatics
Ultimate Corals We are your one stop shop for everything from $5 frags to full colonies. If your ever looking for something specific please don't hesitate to ask.
Louisiana Reef Club Fish Diseases - Diagnosis & Treatment A Forum for Discussion of Fish Disease identification and Treatment
Reef Videos
The Dark Room
Small Polyp Stonies
Soft Corals A forum for soft corals.
Zoanthids, Polyps & Corallimorpharians
Aquarium Controllers
Aquarium Lighting A forum for different types of Aquarium Lighting.
Filtration, & Other Equipment
All In One Aquariums (AIO)
The Reef Tank General reefkeeping and aquarium discussion.
The Showroom The place for members to post pics and descriptions of their tanks.
40gal and Under Got a smaller tank? Post your 40gal or smaller tanks here.
General Freshwater Discussion Discuss your freshwater aquarium here!
Need Help? Need help with a problem with your aquarium or the forum, this is the place to ask.
Fish Care, feeding, ID, etc. Fish Forums
Fish Breeding Forum
The Sump Off-Topic discussions.
Non Reef Classifieds Non reef for sale items
Group Buys A forum for all of your group buying needs.
Livestock Livestock selling and trading.
Looking For Item(s) A place to post a request about equipment or tank you are looking to acquire by buying or trading.
Used Gear A place to post about used equipment and tanks for sale.
Coral Fever Saltwater fish & corals near Raceland, LA
DSR Reefing Dutch Synthetic Reefing method (DSR)
SoCaliReefs Community Giveaways, Contests, Raffles Giveaways all year long! Check here for latest contest
Beginner's Reef
General Reef Talk General Reef discussions
Aquarium Controller Forum Discussions or questions on aquarium controllers (Reefkeeper, Apex, etc.)
Lighting & Equipment talk General discussion regarding lighting (LED, Metal halide, T-5, etc), sumps, skimmers, reactors, filters, chillers, pumps, etc
Water Chemistry Talk about Water parameters, test kits & instruments, Salt Mixes
Do It Yourself Share your diy projects here DIY Forums
Product Reviews Review all Reef related products here
SPS Discussion
LPS Discussion For all you LPS crazies
Coral Talk General Coral Discussions and questions on SPS, LPS, Soft Corals, Zoas, Palys, Corallimorpharians & Non-Photosynthetic Corals
Zoa/Paly Discussion For all you Zoa/Paly collectors
Saltwater Fish Discussion for all types of saltwater fish
Clownfish & Anemones Forum to discuss clownfish, clownfish breeding, & anenomes
Invert Madness
Diseases, parasites, and nussiance algae/aipstasia
ID Help Not sure what is in you reef tank?
Member's Reef Tank Area to document your reef build or to just show off your reef
Large Reef Tanks Reef tanks 180 gallons or larger
Nano Reef tanks All-in-ones, picos, nano tank discussions
Photography & Videography Photography and Video discussions, tips & tricks, and share Photography Forums
Growout Competitions Coral growout competitions documented here
Southern California
Selling Forum: Livestock
Selling Forum: Dry Goods
Trading Forum: Livestock and Dry Goods Trade coral, fish, equipment or anything else here
Want to buy
Group Buys Start or announce your group buys here
Selling Forum: Non-Reef Related
Buyer. Seller & Vendor Feedbacks Good Or Bad Experience? Inform us
Free Stuff and Sweet deals Post your free stuff along with sweet deals you've found
Local Fish Stores Share your LFS experiences, thoughts, photos or anything else!
American Reef
All Delight Corals
Aqua Euro USA & Hamilton Technology
Killer Coral
Pacific East Aquaculture
Pieces of the Ocean
Premium Aquatics
Reef Lounge USA
Seaside Tropical Fish
Top Shelf Aquatics
Atlanta Reef Club Contests
Tank Spotlight
New Member Q & A
Reef Discussion
Tank Issues / Please Help
Species ID Needed
Product Reviews
Do It Yourself Post your DIY project
Nano Tanks Tanks 40g and under
Mid-Sized Tanks
Large Tanks
Breeders Corner
Divers Den SCUBA Diving
Freshwater Freshwater
Aquarium Specialty
Atlanta Aquarium
Coral Shoppe
Corals by Design
Creation Reef Aquatics
Dinkins Aquatic Gardens
Premier Aquatics
Pure Reef
Reef Shac
SEA Southeast Aquariums
Spike's Corals
The Fish Store
The Reef Farm
TRSC Aquatics
Austin Reef Club Reef Keeping
Equipment Discussions
Reef Controllers (AC3, Apex, RK, Reef Angel, etc.) This forum is for discussion on aquarium controllers.
Marine News
What is this thing?
Tank Builds Keep an ongoing thread about your tank!
Do It Yourself Get help with that project, or show off your cool creation. DIY Forums
Emergency Discussion Get a quick reply to that urgent situation.
Austin Reef Club Videos Have a tank or reef-club related video of your own that you'd like to share? Contact a moderator or administrator to have your video added to the Austin Reef Club channel on Youtube!
Photography Discussion Discuss cameras and shooting techniques. Post your photos in the gallery.
Want to Sell or Trade
Livestock Sell your livestock. Fish, corals, clean up crew, etc...
Complete Systems Sell your entire tank, including livestock, as a package deal. No parting out.
Want to Buy Ask and see if someone has what you're looking for (Sponsors should not post public replies to WTB requests but may private PM members)
Free Give away your fish, corals, and dry goods here. No money involved!
Aqua SD
Fishy Stuff
Premium Aquatics 6050 East Hanna Ave #4, Indianapolis, IN 46203, (317) 895-9005 Providers of fine aquarium products, livestock, and dry goods.
3reef Aquarium Forums SHOW OFF YOUR FISH TANKS!
GENERAL REEF TOPICS General topics about reef aquariums.
NEW TO THE HOBBY A place for the new aquarium hobbyist to ask questions. For algae answers, look on the Algae board.
AQUA SD On our site, you will find hundreds of beautiful corals and inverts! You will find the largest selection of WYSIWYG corals. We have shipments coming in from the source every week to replenish our...
ChicagoReefs Forums General Reef Talk General reef discussions here
Member's Reef Tank Display your reef tank or progress your reef build here
Lighting & Equipment talk
Water Chemistry Talk about calcium, alk, mag, etc
Do It Yourself Share your diy projects here
Nano Reefs For discussion of
Coral Talk
Saltwater Fish
Invert Madness Discussion of Tridacnid Clams, Mollusks, Shrimps, Snails, Crabs, etc
Diseases, parasites, and pest
ID Help Not sure what is in you reef tank?
Local Fish Stores Share your LFS experiences, thoughts, photos or anything else!
NWIMAC NorthWest Indiana Marine Aquarium Club
Selling Forum: Livestock
Selling Forum: Dry Goods
Trading Forum: Livestock and Dry Goods
Want to buy If your looking for to buy livestock or drygoods, post here
Sweet Deals and Free Stuff
Aquarium Overload
Blue Line Coral
Premium Aquatics
Top Shelf Aquatics
Reef Central Online Community General Interest Forums
New to the Hobby If you are new to the hobby and would like to have some personalized attention, this is the forum to post your questions.
Reef Discussion
The Reef Chemistry Forum A forum for discussion of all topics relating to reef aquarium chemistry.
Do It Yourself A forum for all those projects you want to build on your own.
Lighting, Filtration & Other Equipment A forum for discussions about lighting, protein skimming, calcium reactors, filtration and other equipment.
Advanced Topics This forum is intended for the discussion of "Advanced Topics". Under this broad heading we hope to act as a resource and share information about difficult...
Responsible Reefkeeping A forum for discussion of environmental and ethical issues surrounding the hobby with a focus on ways that hobbyists can promote positive change.
Tank Journals & Builds A forum for tank build threads or a place to post your blog about your system.
Marine Fish Forums
Anemones & Clownfish
Fish Disease Treatment A forum for diagnosing and treating disease in marine fish.
Reef Fishes A forum to discuss the requirements and care of reef fish.
Fish Only & Aggressive Tanks A forum for the discussion of FO, FOWLR, aggressive fish and predator tanks.
The Fish Breeding Forum
Seahorses & Pipefish A forum for discussions about Seahorses and Pipefish
Coral Forums
Coral Propagation and Aquaculture A forum to discuss Coral Propagation Techniques and Aquaculture.
Corallimorpharians Mushroom Corals
Corallimorpharian Identification
LPS Keepers
LPS Identification
Non-Photosynthetic Corals
Soft Coral Keepers
Soft Coral Identification Forum to discuss and request specimen identifications.
SPS Keepers
SPS Identification Forum to discuss and request specimen identifications.
Zoanthids A forum dedicated to Zoanthid lovers!
Invert and Plant Forums
Mantis Shrimp A forum about Mantis Shrimp
Tridacnid Clams and other Mollusks
Marine Plants & Macroalgae
Other Invertebrates A forum about other animals which lack a backbone such as sponges, hydroids, worms, snails, clams, sea stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and sea squirts or...
Special Interest Group (SIG) Forums
Large Reef Tanks
Nano Reefs A forum for people interested in keeping nano reef tanks
Photography A forum to discuss picture taking and to show off your pictures.
Military Reefers Group A forum for all current and veteran military reefers to help each other.
Selling, Trading and Transaction Feedback Forums Forums for selling and trading of reef related items with other hobbyists and for posting feedback about your transactions. Please include your location in...
Buyer/Seller Feedback
Coral & Livestock Trading This forum is for the trading of corals and other livestock, live rock, live sand, macroalgae, etc.
Propagated Corals & Tank Raised Livestock Selling This forum is for sales of propagated corals and other tank bred or raised livestock, live rock, live sand, macroalgae, etc.
Used Equipment & Drygoods Selling Here you can offer your used equipment and other drygoods for sale. Hobbyists only. No Businesses.
Used Equipment & Drygoods Trading Here you can trade your used equipment and other drygoods with fellow hobbyists.
Want to Buy
Sponsor Forums Some of our sponsors have chosen to host forums for product questions and technical support. They may also use these forums to offer special discounts to...
Dr. Reef's Quarantined Fish
Reef Exclusive
Royal Exclusiv / Bubble King
Tampa Bay Saltwater
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Reef Club Forums Find a reef club and meet with fellow hobbyists from your area.If you want to add your club, please email us. No club in your area? Start One.
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Living Reefs Reef Fishes
New to Reefing If you are new to reefing and have any questions from setup to stocking this is your place to ask questions.
Identification Post a photo of a fish, coral or other species in here to get help identifying it.
Fish Disease
Water Chemistry
Algae Got an algae problem or trying to grow your own?
Fish Tanks Find out more about fish tanks and stands in this section.
Lighting, Filtration & Other Equipment Specific discussions on aquarium equipment from protein skimmers to water pumps. Which are the best, what they do, and what you might need for your reef aquarium.
Nano-Reef Community Forums Pico Reef Journals Reef Aquariums 5 Gallons and Smaller
Nano Reef Journals
Large Reef Journals
General Discussion Offer your help, ask questions, share ideas, and just have fun!
Beginners Discussion New to Nano Reefing? Post your questions here for more specific help!
Biological Filtration Talk about live rock, refugiums, sand beds, algae scrubbers, etc.
Equipment Forum Discuss sumps, skimmers, reactors, filters, chillers, pumps, etc.
Lighting Forum Discuss the lighting needs of nano reefs, and new technologies.
Nano Box Reef
Aquascaping Forum
Water Chemistry
DIY Projects
Product Reviews Evaluate aquarium products you've used and share your experiences.
Identification Forum What the heck is that thing? Seek identification help here!
Pest and Disease Treatments Help treating ich, hair algae, cyano, byprosis, flatworms, red bugs, etc.
Coral Forum Discuss the requirements and care of all types of nano friendly corals.
Fish Forum A forum to discuss the requirements and care of nano friendly saltwater fish. Fish Forums
Invertebrate Forum
Aquaculture and Breeding
All-In-One Tanks Discuss all-in-one kit tanks, their equipment, and related modifications.
Biotopes Aquariums dedicated to simulating a specific natural habitat.
Photo & Video Discussion
Hardware Classifieds Post used equipment and drygoods for sale or trade.
Livestock Classifieds Offer your corals, fish, and inverts for sale or trade.
Vendor & Trader Feedback Share your feedback on vendors and hobbyist sellers and traders.
Reef Cleaners
Premium Aquatics
Cultivated Reef
Top Shelf Aquatics
Aquarium Care Center
Pieces Of The Ocean
Micro-Reefs Aquariums
Innovative Marine
Aquarium Forum Nano Reef Forum
Aquarium Advice Nano Reefs
Pensacola Fishing Forum Reefs and Wrecks This section is for you to discuss reefs and wrecks.

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